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I am bored with the game and need focus my mental energies elsewhere in RL so i am quitting after 3 years of CN.

its been real everyone.

i don't want to do shoutouts but if i know you and you want one, you can just query me or w/e.

i've got 1,050 tech and 90 million in cash that needs to be distributed, Polaris gets first dibs, but if you want some free !@#$, let me know i might give you some.

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Not Going Out With a Bang?

meh if i wanted to do that i'd have to wait at least another month b/c i was getting ready to buy a MP and i'd have to buy 20 nukes, and probably a hidden silo too and prepare for a nuclear bang....i just don't feel like doing that.

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hopefully this isn't like all the commitments you've made to the numberless alliances you've been a part of

love you too?

nope i don't hop alliances in RL :P

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