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A Zenith/Sasori Production

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So, I have this minister of Foreign Affairs named Kharn. And anyone who knows Kharn knows that you need to watch him, cause he can get a little sneaky and seductive. So we got a little lax, and forgot to watch Kharn, and all of a sudden, he had seduced Zenith. And since we felt bad that we didn't buy them dinner first, we decided we might as well just make it official.

Oh, I also forgot that I once used 'Zeniths' for 125 points in scrabble, so a relationship only seemed natural.


The Divine Sting Accords


Within the Cyberverse there are many treaties and agreements that are signed but a rare few which reflect the commitment of the alliances that are signing them. For both the Initiative and Zenith, each has demonstrated its merit in the Karma War by standing strong to their commitments despite adversity and, in that spirit, the following document is drawn up between our two powers.

I. Sovereignty

Both signatories recognize the other as sovereign entitles, and this document serves as an accord between two sovereign entities.

II. Peace

Neither signatory will be involved with aggressive behavior towards the other. If there is a nation responsible from either side that violates this part of the pact, the other side shall offer adequate reparations in damages.

III. Communications

Both alliances will be friendly in communications towards one another in both public and private, and both alliances will be friendly and show support in communications, whether towards each other, the greater community of the Cyberverse or with another alliance speaking about the other. Both signatories agree that diplomatic relations will be used before any other means in dealing with violations of this accord.

IV. Aid

When one signatory needs assistance, the other is encouraged, but not obliged to provide any non-military assistance within 48 hours of the aid request.

V. Intelligence

Both alliances believe in the continued well-being of the other signatory. In that effort, any intelligence that may come to one of the signatories about an attack on the other will be communicated in a timely manner. In addition, neither signatory will use tactics of spying against the other alliance. Acts of spying are treated as a violation of part II of this accord.

VI. Cancellation

Barring a blatant violation of parts II or V of this treaty, if a party wishes to not continue to be a part of this pact, they must inform the other an follow a cancellation period of 72 hours during which this pact is in force.

Signed for The Sasori Initiative:

Shurukian, Empress of The Sasori Initiative

Kharn420, Minster of Foreign Affairs

Adam Suttler, Councilor

Bjeorn Karlsen, Councilor

Ikke1, Councilor

KaiserKevin, Councilor

Yamato, Councilor

Signed for Zenith


Executive Triumvir: Suvorov

External Triumvir: Duncan King

Internal Triumvir: Metictype


Minister of Defense: Christian

Minister of Development: Jazhayre

Minister of Domestic Affairs: Panther

Minister of Finance: Xaero

Minister of Foreign Affairs: Kzoppistan


Regent: Ferrous

Edited by Shurukian
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I first mentioned this treaty and I'm glad the government of both alliances took it more into consideration and finally got it done.

I love TSI being my former home and Zenith being my current home, very good to see it. And I love Lavo, he's my brother. :wub:

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