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Peace for Olympus


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Kronos, Umbrella, and Olympus hereby agree to the following peace terms.

1. Olympus nations are to immediately peace out of all conflicts and are neither to enter any additional wars nor supply aid to any alliance at war while terms are in effect.

2. Olympus nations are to decommission all naval units and not to build any additional naval units while terms are in effect.

3. Olympus will be allowed to retain its nuclear arsenal for use in the defense of its members.

4. Olympus nations will also be under the protection of Kronos for the duration of these terms.

5. The above listed terms are to remain in effect until Valhalla has received peace in the global conflict or until otherwise agreed upon by the governments of Kronos and Olympus.

Olympus has fought valiantly and have been a very worthy adversary in this war. Those who we met in battle have battled with honor. With that said, Olympus wishes to make the following statement known to the Cyberverse:

Olympus entered this conflict in support of our purple family. We have served with honor and loyalty and Valhalla has given us their blessing to exit the war to work on the goal of rebuilding our purple family when the conflict is over for all of us.

Signed for Olympus

Titan Council:




Buffalo Niagara

Signed for Umbrella

mrcalkin, Triumvir

Roquentin, Triumvir

Xavi, Triumvir

uaciaut, Field Marshal

Signed for Kronos

Epiphanus - Harbinger of Light

Tryptamine - Harbinger of Light

Snowbeast - Harbinger of Light

Enderland - Harbinger of War

Heracles - Harbinger of Prosperity

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Thank you guys from the bottom of my heart :wub: I had a blast sharing battle with you, and look forward to watching you rebuild. May it be swift!

Kronos have been very cool opponents, and it pleases me greatly to see that they are equally cool in times of peace.

o/ Olympus

o/ Kronos

o/ Purple

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