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Federation of Buccaneers

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Ahoy mateys,

Let it be known, th’ Federation o’ Buccaneers be a Pirate faction. As Pirates we make no declaration o’ arrr aggressions. Pirates do NOT declare war. We don’t send letters which read “FYI we be attacking you.” NO we be scurvy PIRATES and we sail th’ seas attacking willy nilly, taking what we want and leaving only crabs and th’ tears of arrr victims in arrr wake.

As th’ Phoenix was a symbol of luck until some idiot went and shot her down. Luck be against us tonight, for before dusk sets on our sails we will have shot many o’ Phoenix.

Th’ Mushroom Kingdom has protected us, tis time we return th’ favor.

To Th’ Phoenix Federation, we are coming t’ liberate yer booty. Contact me fer ransom negotiations! (In light of recent RL piracy events, we hope Th’ Phoenix Federation does not have any Navy Seals)

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While myself has never been naturally drawn to the pirating lifesyle I cannot help but notice the pirating lifestyle has drifted into my awareness. What does this mean? Not much, good will from me is not worth the kilobytes it's stored on - however I do have to say, I prefer you lads over the Somalians anyday. They hardly speak pirate anyhow!


Fokker Aeroplanbau

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