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To Kronos


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To Alden Peterson and Tryptamine of Kronos,

I can't find a link to your boards, I have sent you both an in game message. Please cease your attacks. I am not nor have I been an active or participating GGA member. I have no interest in this war. I have no retaliated yet, and if you accept the peace offer we can go our seperate ways and call it good.


To clarify my position and obvious lack of interest.

Wow. I think you should just stop posting. You're either going to be attacked or ostracized from any good alliance after this thread.

When I joined I told them I had no interest in CN politics. Kevin the Great certainly knew this, I was still granted membership.

Maybe I am being a bit rude. I didn't not do anything because of any contempt towards the GGA. I have no interest in CN politics, the politics are fickle and driven by paranoia. I spent so much time at NATO SoD putting out brush fires I just got burned out on it. I don't know how many times I stopped a war by simply asking the other side "DO you have ill intent against NATO or its allies?". That alone stopped several several preemptive strikes. I went to the FCC, then to the GGA. I have a full time job and RL interests that, to me, are more important than the latest war and strategy to ensure a win. If someone can point out a reason why sitting in front of a computer waiting for the next attack is more fun than guns, music, politics, or best of all, string theory, then be my guest, give me a reason. If an alliance does not want someone who doesn't fight a war he didn't start, thats fine. But I'm going to stay out of this one if I can.

As for giving money to smaller nations, I got along on my own just fine. Others can do the same.

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ahaah !@#$@#$ pathetic. At least I am seeing for myself what they told me about you.

"They"? You mean the guys at the FCC who attacked me and threatened to nuke me after I left?

Bailing out on your alliance and friends: Classy and trendy.

The only people I know from GGA are Kevin the Great and Kendian, neither one of them mind war.

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"They" as in the GGA.

And what would they say about a non-participating member, aside from the obvious?

The only thing that i have done against the GGA was refusing to give money to smaller nations. I didn't see why they needed my money.

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