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Imperial Decree - New Polar Order

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Imperial Decree

The New Polar Order prides itself on its treaties and values all of her allies. In recent times we have learned the real value of friendships and we have a select few treaties for a reason. We have many friends however that we do not hold treaties with, people who we have worked to establish a relationship, people who we have demonstrated our commitment to repair the damages of the past and who, given other circumstances we would hold treaties with.

Be extremely clear in all matters, the New Polar Order supports her allies and we will defend them as per the treaties we hold.

Of course there are situations that arise that conflict strongly with the outlook of Polaris and our commitment to fair play, justice and plain common courtesy. Some time ago we were removed from a treaty bloc for poor communications and for various other reasons which don't belong in this thread, we were punished and so we were forced to review our standings. We have re-modeled our alliance, at great cost, and I believe that most of CN views us positively.

Today, I have received information from a number of people re the conduct of the New Pacific Order in this current conflict with Ordo Verde. I can overlook many things and still support someone, but pending further investigations of the facts to hand, the New Polar Order hereby suspends all treaties and obligations to the New Pacific Order.

I swore to defend under the terms of my treaty, our obligations in the strictest terms finished when the NPO attacked. I still vowed we would attack anyone blind-siding them, band wagoning or otherwise. As our treaty is now suspended, we reserve the right to investigate further the actions as pertain to this matter and during this time we reserve the right to avoid any obligations previously promised if we so choose.

For those clamoring to the top of the hill, the New Polar Order does not support you either. This is not our war, not our agenda and of very little interest to us, except where it directly impacts our allies. Do not seek our approval or support, you will not get it. The Orders will never fight each other directly whilst I am Emperor.

This is a difficult time for all parties concerned and I look forward to the re-establishment of ties with our brothers in due course.

o/ Polaris

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