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An OTF Alliance Announcement, Our Brand New Government!


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Our former Prime Minister Cilldara felt he could be better served in another role within the alliance, and this has led to a new government being elected. And so without further gilding the lily and with no more ado, I give to you, the seekers of serenity, the protectors of Italian virginity, the enforcers of our Lord God, the ones, the onlys...OTF Government.

President, ex officio Member and Chair of Parliament, and non-voting member of the Government: finneys13

Prime Minister & Minister for Brown Sphere Affairs: Bagpuss

Deputy Prime Minister & Minister for External Affairs: joshb

Minister for Finance: glory_utd

Minister for Industry & Commerce: Mr.Mudkip

Minister for Defence: Thomsonator

Minister for Justice: Cilldara OTF

Minister for Recruitment & Education: AlexDuncan

Vice President & Presidential Tea Lady: Aimee Mann

Attorney General: Singleton14

Other Members of Parliament (MPs):




Sir Gingeralot

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Sorry bud, my warm beverages are reserved for El Presidenté only. You may have some water.

Oh yeah about that Jer. Your tea making role extends to the Prime Minister too now so get that fracking kettle on pronto :P

Edited by bagpuss
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