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UBD Announcement

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I would first like to thank Mushroom Kingdom for their conduct throughout our conflict, they have been most honourable enemies and I hope that a more positive relationship can blossom from here onwards. However, I have a few administrative points I would like to make in this announcement regarding UBD members.

Over the past 3 days, for one reason or another, some UBD members have seen fit to leave the UBD. Those who have attempted to join an alliance are free to do so and I leave it at the discretion of any alliance recieving a UBD member to accept or punish them.

Some UBD members, or rather former members have tried to exploit our weakness, one member in particular has decided to form his own alliance and start to illegally recruit from UBD. This is unacceptable and would usually be dealt with by the military of UBD. However, on this occasion the UBD military is having a well earned rest and so our good friends at NADC have stepped up to the mark to take care of the alliance "Eternal Empire".

I would like to reinforce the fact to all those who left UBD during this conflict that:

1) All members who were involved in spying or covering up the crime have left and are under ZI terms from MK.

2) All remaining government members were unaware of such activities and condemn them.

Hence, the UBD government as it stands now retains its former integrity, after paying the price for the actions of rogues and is ready to welcome back those who have doubted it.


All those who have left can rejoin in the next 24 hours.

Those who joined Eternal Empire have 24 hours to return or face retribution from NADC.


Interim Director / Minister of Foreign Affairs


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Honestly, those who left to 'Eternal Empire' aren't worth it if they ditch in war time.

Good Luck UBD.

I would say you're better off without the guys who left in all honestly.

Anyway, good luck in the future.

You are infinitely better off without those members. ARES will pledge as much support to UBD as possible in this rebuilding process.

o/ UBD

o/ Russ

o/ MK

These pretty much sum it up.

Good luck UBD.

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