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Vaule DoW

Imperator Azenquor

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Vaule Declaration of War

“The Socialist Republic of Vaule hereby declares war upon the Nordlandic Confederacy. We demand that the Nordlandic Coalition, and their allies withdraw entirely from the territory of Slavorussia. Until this is achieved, there shall be a state of war between us. It is extremely unfortunate that it has come to this, but the government of Vaule has no choice but to act.

Vaule is hereby placed under Order 712.2 until further notice.” –Acting President Yuri Rokossovsky



250,000 Vaulian Soldiers are given their marching orders. 50,000 of the soldiers use the Military level subway network to head west towards the Bosporan border. 5,000 T-90BV tanks are ordered to head west in columns of 500 each spread out across Vaule.

Vaule’s SDI systems, AA systems and the RUSSIAN missile defense network in Vaule remain at combat ready status.

The Vaule Air Force Increases patrolling and monitoring of Vaulian airspace.

The VNS Stalin (Aircraft carrier), escorted by the VNS Medvedev & Lenin (Destroyers), and the VNS Dmitri (Frigate) leave port in North Novaya Zemlya and head south-south west.

Territorial defense procedures are enacted in each province of Vaule granting autonomous command regions in certain areas of Vaule. The forces in these regions are given a wider ranging autonomy to act in defense of the nation without orders from central command.

In Sygh-Varthys, citizens inconspicuously head for the Subway system in small numbers. Once inside, they are guided to the bunker levels. Even further beneath those bunkers, the Central Military command Headquarters was activated.

The Defense Minister leaves the capital for a bunker in Caledonia province, the Interior Minister leaves for a bunker in Arcannez and the President moves into another bunker underneath the National football stadium.

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Scrambled Tanisian Military Communique -

Security Authorization Code: 9-0-2-7-3-0-0-2
Pass Clearance: Jondian@12


Send following message to Vaule Military Command and Government Structure at the highest speed.


We have noticed your Declaration of War on Nordlandic Confederacy.  If you wish to activate our treaty to help you, just ask.  We are already at full military readiness just in case.

The Tanisian Embassy in Vaule received the brief message and attachment. They then proceeded to contact and/or meet their appropriate contacts in Vaule.

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"You have violated the NAP, congratulations on breaking your word - your treaty. We shall not have any mercy."
Norden Kingdom disapproves of Vaule breaking the treaty. We will remember this in any future relations we have.

You must have missed the part where they cancelled ahead of time. They gave you advance notice, which you apparently ignored.

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