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  1. Well, I would disagree with your assessment of what I said. Sure, people have an imagination for CNRP as a given, but people reach an equivalent of "writer's block" in RP many times. I'm not saying not everyone here isn't without imagination, there are plenty that exhibit it, it's just some of them think about something to do and they just let it die in their mind without putting it out there in text.
  2. Observing this thread is like watching a compilation of fail videos on YouTube. On a more constructive note, at the end of the day, people choose whether or not to interact with other players in CN. There is a lot of "groups" of players that choose to just play with each other and no one else. Other players are some extreme of the interaction spectrums of hyperactive ADD dog trying to be your best buddy to the players with the inferiority complex of Napoleon and dreaming of grand conquest. Playing IC is nice and all, but to be a community, it's why OOC exists in the first place. Get to know your players, talk about other stuff besides CNRP and connect at some personal level. Sometimes, it does require to put whatever baggage you have aside and just appreciate the experience. "I paint objects as I think them, not as I see them" - Pablo Picasso The greatest strength CNRPers fail to realize that your greatest limitation is your imagination, yet you court with the fear of failure to not go with your imagination. Stop looking at whatever perspective you have and try to find another persepective. I know many of you fall into the realistic country trap and other stupid IRL history of the region you play in. Historic CNRP history is interesting and makes RPing different, I've really disliked the "relocators" making new history apart from the old that would capture a sense of continuity and somewhat more dynamic RPing.
  3. Former Federation officials would detail bits and pieces of classified materials that were closely guarded without exact knowledge to it's former allies. In all, the current technological programs both commercial and defense related would find their way into the proper allied channels. Both Faraway and the American Commonwealth would be secretly informed of FSA secret locations, including the official holding place of Northern Imperium war criminals by ex-FSA agents and officials. In the interim, the government of the Hudson Bay Federation at the federal level ceased to exist as Chancellor Jordan Brady took upon his yacht into the great Pacific Ocean on his annual sailing vacation and was never sighted again... leaving no true successor behind. OOC: Unfortunately, I don't have any time in the foreseeable future for RP. I'll be lurking around though.
  4. Great Northern Times Edition 15 Port of Prince Rupert Facility Expansion Underway Port of Prince Rupert Bulk Coal Facility PRINCE RUPERT, YUKON PROVINCE - The port commissioner of Prince Rupert heralded the last hurdles overcome by the latest expansion of many of the port's facilities to accommodate burgeoning trade to the East Coast of North America and to Asia. "The EIS cleared federal authorities for the expansion of the Fairview Container Terminal from 1 million TEUs to 4 million TEUs to handle the surge in container ship capacity projected between North America and Asia in the coming decade. Meanwhile, the Columbian Terminal Incorporated handling coal unload and loading terminal will be a fully automated facility to make the facility one of the most advanced and quickest coal movement between unit trains and ships in the world." Great Pacific Railway announced expansion of their Prince Rupert terminals and track upgrades in the Yukon Province to speed up the transport of goods to and from the East Coast, while outlining eventual right-of-way in Faraway and American Commonwealth provide unparalleled freight rail service in North America.
  5. Brady took another sip of tea from his cup, "Well, the basic framework of safeguarding the people's and monarchy's rights would have to be hashed out in a constitution-like document. We would have to then hammer out a new system of government that represent the people, I suggest a bicameral parliamentary with one dominant house based on electoral districts, while the other is based on population. I know that the Federation safeguards the people's basic rights to freedom of religion, thought, press, peaceful assembly, and association. We would also have to touch on the obvious language issues to recognize English, French and Spanish for Cuba as official languages of the new nation, along with other First Nation languages that exist. Then finer legal rights of the people. Then to have a decent monarchy, we would concede that the monarchy has supreme power over the armed forces. Then recognize appointments of governor-generals for various colonies such as Greenland, Cuba, etc., Supreme Court appointments with approval from the new Senate, to grant or withhold royal assent to bills, the right to appoint nobles, immunity before the law, institutions charged with maintaining the royal finances, estates, and other court-level appointments that do not need parliament's approval, and that there exists a crime of lèse majesté. As I see it, this document will have a few parts a) fundamental freedoms of people of Canada, rights of the monarchy and nobility, democratic rights, legal rights and official languages. Would that suffice? If I am missing anything, please speak."
  6. "The monarchy does provide a level of stability over the ever changing nature of republican governance," conceded Brady. "However, the people do have a deep passion to hold a degree of control over their own destiny from a state that is too overbearing. I know the citizens of the Federation do enjoy a large degree of self-determination through active participation of governance, which would be hard for them to give up easily. Since we have this particular obstacle in where we have differentiating governance structures, such an integration, as you have said yourself, requires a guiding framework revolving around powers vested to safeguarding aspects of governance by the population and safeguarding the rights of the monarchy as a whole. The Federation would be quite willing to seek a common ground on this issue for sure."
  7. Alexandra Combined Operations Base, Louisiana News of dissolution of MidAmerica would put the Federation's Alexandra Air Base in Louisiana onto FPCON Charlie. Military police detachments would be mobilized to retain existing control of a federal-like law enforcement structure while working with local authorities in Louisiana and Eastern Texas. The 40,000 troops in Louisiana would be mobilized for local deployment. Elsewhere along the southern border of the Federation, various brigade military police companies were authorized to cross the Missouri River and ensure order in Southern Montana, South Dakota, and Eastern Colorado. No other official military units would be authorized across the border at this time.
  8. "Of course there are a great many obstacles of such a plan proposed by myself; however, while such an idea is a lofty goal... it's worth pursuing other avenues to achieve the reality of the said goal," replied Brady, pausing to take a sip of the tea. "Both of our cultures are vastly different from the last unified Canadian state; however, like you said yourself, our roots is what does bind us together, and it would be important to find where we can come together mutually in economics, military and eventually government. Indeed, the world and this continent is under different circumstances than in younger versions of ourselves. It is definitely a continent that is not any longer divided amongst themselves and now progressively acts in superb coordination. I have to admit that the greatest hurdle to the current plan is coming down to an agreed formation of a new governance structure. While democracy has been an important aspect of the Federation, a core group within the Federation believes in the rule of a monarchy, although I do not know if I could sell that completely."
  9. You were not even close to being the deciding factor on what just occurred... not even any bit of any factor really.
  10. The new JAEWDSS radar system continues testing around Winnipeg and Edmonton to observe it's ability to handle high air traffic areas both in the sky and on the ground to test it's ability to distinguish various objects. Meanwhile, at Churchill AFB, testing continues for the new radar to track and acquire various dummy missiles throughout it's detection range. Air Force Space Command has acquired funding to build a new space tracking(officially) and/ballistic missile and attack assessment (classified) radar to be housed in a 125 foot tall building using a fixed phased array radar pointing north towards the North Pole. Construction of the remote facility in the northern Dakota plains will commence within the week. Plans call for new radar to track the majority of the space-based objects flying over the Northern Hemisphere with ease and track items as small as a volleyball at 5,000 km into space. Four other sites for smaller phased array radar sites for the ballistic missile detection/space tracking would be built as well, one in the Yukon Province, one at Ellesmere Island, one in Cuba, and one on Guadalupe Island, assessing existing radar sites for possible upgrades. Funding has also been issued for the next generation of satellite based missile detection systems slotted for geostationary orbit. The Northern Watch ABM system radar is also being redesigned for a significant upgrade in detection/targeting capabilities, which are now deep on engineering design phase. Strategic Strike Command has reduced the land-based ICBM nuclear arsenal by 56% while development towards a long-range cruise missile that is nuclear-armed continues into construction phase. The Defense Research Agency (DRA) begins experimental tests into hypersonic platforms for technology demonstration purposes. The newest assignment of 20 FAF squadrons are to be assigned as such: 2 new squadrons to Joint Base Cienfuegos. Two new squadrons to Minot AFB, 3 to Yellowknife AFB, 7 to Joint Base Edmonton-Calgary, 2 to Joint Base Dawson, 2 to Winnipeg AFB and 2 to Churchill AFB.
  11. Regardless, as a GM, this is granting an autoadvance without giving the other party time to respond in the appropriate channels; and historically speaking, having the invading party requesting an autoadvance in the GM court beforehand. There is previous precedent of informing the party getting invaded to post at any point during the conflict.
  12. "One sugar for myself," replied Minister Toawanga. "Thank you for the offer Miss, I'll take two sugars," answered General Dillango. The three men sat in their chairs around the Victorian style room that centered on the heavy wooden table, while listening to Kirkwood and then the Queen speak. "Thank you for the kind words Minister Kirkwood. It is true that the cooperation between us has been... best said 'off the books' for quite awhile. Only in the last few months, especially with the finalization of the Council of American Affairs has there been very progressive steps between us. It has to be noted that a relationship like this is quite uncommon between state actors; however, we are historically bound by our past. It is long overdue that our nations come together on bilateral talks for the continued development of relations between us," spoke Brady in replying to Minister Kirkwood. He would pause to contemplate Céline's question, "Hudson Bay has not completely lost our heritage," He paused again to let the words sink in as he turned to the classic maple leaf flag outside. "I suppose that's why we... I am here today. I'm proposing a radical proposition that our two countries have not seen in some time, a road map for increased cooperation across the board that would surpass CoAA in terms of boldness. While the Federation public has been mostly neutral on their opinion of Faraway, there are those amongst us that still look towards the day of a united northern country of the likes that has not seen since when we were younger." "It is a grandiose plan, we have to admit, filled with obstacles...many obstacles. So much so that we would be urged to be called crazy, unless you don't think it is crazy?" questioned Brady.
  13. "Fantastic, I'm sure our scientists in Cuba will be thrilled to work in partnership with SASA," replied Welks. He would listen to Patton as he touched on the ill-fated AUP and nodded in agreement. "It's a shame the AUP got trapped in that mindset, but you are leading a new Africa that is laudably more flexible on the global scene. North America is fortunate that it's various parts are aligned strategically with state actors outside of North America, partnering with us to maintain a stable North America. We see South Africa as a wise extension to the foreign affairs policy of Hudson Bay." President Patton pointed to the blimps, in which Welks responded, "It's the Hudson Bay Air Force new Joint Aerostat Early Warning and Attack Defense Sensor System which is set on replacing our fixed wing AWACS and airborne battle management systems with these two blimps with a more powerful detection radar and fire control radar. We hope that we can integrate this system with our various weapon systems to provide a more sustained battlefield awareness picture coupled with delivering the proper defensive punch at various threats coming onto any theater we plan to operate in. It's not quite up to snuff it, but it looks promising, at least that's what my Air Force generals tell me when they brief me... If you want a closer look, that can be arranged." "Well, let's go see those polar bears I've wrote about, so what sort of relationship do you see with us, one that can be penned on paper?" inquired Welks as they talked just outside of the SUVs.
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