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  1. [b][u]VNN News: Parliament wades into abortion controversy, Sakha Agreement reaches milestone[/b][/u] [i]“The Vaulian Parliament today started a three day debate on the topic of abortion at the request of Prime Minister Pavel Rokossovsky. The Prime Minister initiated the debate after he informed Parliament that the governing coalition would shortly introduce legislation amending the ban on abortions in the Serene Republic. To howls of outrage from some of his own Vaule Revolutionary Vanguard (VRV) MPs the Prime Minister announced that the amendments would permit medical staff to perform the
  2. [b][u]VNN News: Coalition gov’t drafts National Education Policy, Imperator reopens National History Archive[/b][/u] [i]“The coalition government has reached its first stumbling block over proposed reforms to the National Education Policy. The Vaule Revolutionary Vanguard (VRV) party has endorsed a proposal to introduce a mandatory national core curriculum for all schools in the Serene Republic and to re-establish nationwide standardized tests for all students in the country. Under the new curriculum, all students will be required to take three nationwide standardized tests before graduation
  3. [b][u]VNN News: Coalition formed, Max Reaver unveils new mega-project[/b][/u] [i]“The Opposition Vaule Revolutionary Vanguard (VRV) party leader Dr. Pavel Rokossovsky has announced that it has formally signed a coalition agreement with the Union of Patriotic Right Forces (PRF) leader Rinald Kanic. According to the announcement, the VRV has identified ‘areas of mutual cooperation’ with the PRF which will be acted upon during the current Parliamnetary term. The VRV acknowledges, however, that significant differences remain between the party and the PRF regarding the national budget, but h
  4. VNN News: Shock election result, PRF fizzles “The Vaulian Electoral Council (VEC) has certified the results of the legislative election in record time due to the overall low voter turnout. According to the official results, voter turnout was 40.6% of eligible voters, a new record low. Initial exit poll results predicted that the Vaule Revolutionary Vanguard (VRV) party would win 311 seats and that the governing Party for Social Justice (PSJ) would win 290 seats leaving the right wing Union of Patriotic Right Forces (PRF) in the position of kingmaker with the remaining 50 seats. However the
  5. [b][u]VNN News: Polls close amid very low turnout[/b][/u] [i] “The polls have closed in the Serene Republic as voters have finished electing representatives to serve in the Parliament of the Serene Republic. According to statistics released by the VEC, this election had significantly low turnout across most of the country. Overall turnout was approximately 41.2% of eligible voters. The highest voter turnouts were in the Vancouver Territory which had 99.8% of eligible voters turn out to the polls, and the East Ingushetia Autonomous Community which had 98.62% of eligible voters go to the
  6. VNN News: Voting begins in Parliamentary elections “With little fanfare, citizens of the Serene Republic began voting in Parliamentary elections this morning. Today marks the end of an unusually harsh political campaign that pitted Prime Minister Bryon Svatek’s Party for Social Justice (PSJ) against Dr. Pavel Rokossovsky’s Vaule Revolutionary Vanguard (VRV) Party, with the Slavic Unity Party (SUP) and the Union of Patriotic Right Forces (PRF) reduced to mere spectators. The VRV mounted a campaign that focused on the economic failings of the PSJ led government and often referred to the ‘econo
  7. [b][u]VNN News: Building collapse in East Ingushetia; Max Reaver launches new company[/b][/u] [i]“A building collapse in Itzukograd, East Ingushetia has left 10 people dead and more than 80 injured. According to reports from our local news affiliates, the six story building collapsed at 9:02 am this morning. The building reportedly housed an insurance company and a local newspaper. Emergency crews on the scene reported that most of the employees had not yet arrived for work and that a number of those injured in the collapse were hurt by falling debris. Neither the newspaper nor the insuran
  8. [b][u]VNN News: Election campaign begins, rumors of VRV-PRF agreement[/b][/u] [i]“The election campaign got underway today as the government and opposition launched a barrage of campaign ads criticizing each other’s policies. The Opposition Vaule Revolutionary Vanguard (VRV) party has focused its criticism on the failure of the government’s economic policy and its pledges of significant institutional reform. The governing Party for Social Justice (PSJ) has sought to rebuff criticisms of its tenure by pointing to the government’s record of maintaining social spending despite the economic worr
  9. [b][u]VNN News: Election date announced as PM addresses Party conference[/b][/u] [i]“Prime Minister Bryon Svatek announced that Parliamentary elections in the Serene Republic will be held on the 15th of June this year. The Prime Minister made this announcement during his address to the Party for Social Justice (PSJ) party conference in the capital. The Prime Minister listed a number of achievements of his PSJ administration, though admitted that strong economic growth remained elusive. In his defense of the government’s economic policy, he pointed to the impact of the global economic sl
  10. [b][u]VNN News: Vaule celebrates Victory Day[/b][/u] [i]“The Serene Republic of Vaule joined the other constituent states of the Greater Russian Empire in celebrating the anniversary of the Soviet Victory in the Great Patriotic War. Citizens across the Serene Republic paused for a moment of silence in honor of those Soviet soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice in order to turn the tide against fascism and to secure the independence of the Soviet peoples. The Victory Day celebrations began with the laying of wreaths at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Sygh-Varthys and a religious c
  11. VNN News: Recession predicted as economic growth slows sharply “The economy of the Serene Republic appears to be poised to contract next year according to a new report from the National Statistics Bureau (NSB). The NSB has revealed that economic growth in the last quarter was only 0.9%, significantly below the government’s target of 2.3%. The agency noted that the decline in growth would ‘very likely’ continue for at least the next two years. If the NSB data is accurate, economic growth for this quarter will likely be non-existent as the economy is set to contract by 0.5%. Without signific
  12. VNN News: Prime Minister creates three new Policy Review Councils “Vaulian Prime Minister Bryon Svatek took the unusual step of mandating the creation of three new Policy Review Councils (PRCs) to review government policy in several key areas and to report to the government within a six month period. According to the Prime Minister’s Office, the PRCs have been mandated to ‘conduct a thorough and careful review of all aspects of the government’s policy in their assigned areas’ and to ‘identify, and report on any areas where said policy can be changed in order to improve efficiency, servi
  13. In response to the Ministry of Defense notification, the Serene Republic placed all forces in North Sakhalin and Kamchatka on heightened alert and stepped up coordination with the Russian Federal Border Guards to ensure the security of the Russo-Japanese land border in Sakhalin. The Vaulian Army would begin to transfer additional supplies to Khabarovsk Krai as a precautionary measure. In addition, two paratrooper divisions and two squadrons of F-22s in Khabarovsk Krai would be put on standby to cross into Primorsky Krai to support the Russian troops already in Nakhodka if necessary. Vaulia
  14. [b][u]VNN News: Sakhalin’s Makarova concedes after landslide loss, PM questioned over economic growth[/b][/u] [i]“The final election results from the North Sakhalin regional elections have been released by the Electoral Council (VEC) this morning. While independently conducted exit polling by VNN suggested a strong victory for the opposition Social Democratic Party- Sakhalin (SDP-S), it appears that we significantly underestimated the magnitude of that party’s victory in our exit poll. We are in the process of examining our polling methodology and seeking to determine how such a significan
  15. [b][u]VNN News: North Sakhalin votes, Max Reaver hands over duties in East Ingushetia[/b][/u] [i]“The people of the North Sakhalin Autonomous Community (NSAC) went to the polls this morning to elect their Regional Parliament and to indirectly elect the next Regional Governor of the region. After a hard-fought, albeit brief political campaign it appears that incumbent Regional Governor Ilyana Makarova of the Liberal Party of Sakhalin (LPS) is on course to lose her re-election bid. Governor Makarova faced a strong challenge from Boris Pugachevski of the Social Democratic Party – Sakhalin (SD
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