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Alliance member stereotypes

Lycurgus Rex

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Ive noticed in the near three years I have been in CN that certain alliances have their members stereotyped regardless of the member's duration of time spent here or their past actions in other alliances

NPO is almost always cast as the evil oppressors by a lot of members (anyone remember baby eating? :P ) , while NPO stereotypes the opposition as trolls and fools. Legion are almost always seen as backstabbers, but funnily enough, Im sure each legion member sees themselves as the messiah that will restore The legion to their former (if they ever really existed) glory days. Vox members are always seen as, depending on what side you are on, as the evil spies or the sole voice against oppression from the powers that be. GATO used to be seen as WAE, a position GGA seems intent on taking I might add....

I know I have left a few out, MK notably along with a few others, but what other stereotypes have you noticed?

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Legion: The politically uninvolved, RP'ing weddings, diplomatically bumbling bunch.

GATO: I can't make a stereotype for these guys. Everytime I saw a GATO member I'd be amazed that they were still around.

NPO: Fresh baby meat, unbelievably good politicians running an unbelievably good war machine. Back in my Legion days I still admired how damn amazing they were.

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humans have a gang mentality, we usually pick groups based on one or two things and accept and adopt the rest of their believes/philosophy/behavior, mentally dropping our own (or our past acquired mindsets) in the the mental waste basket.

GOONs: Controlling and brutal

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