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Carpe Diem Announcement

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Hi Cyberverse, I just wanted to make a quick double announcement.

As some of you may remember, about a week ago, a group of nations left Carpe Diem to start their own brown team alliance, the Imperium of Man (link to DoE). Now, I was asked many times if this was an April Fools joke, and I assure you that it was not. These nations really left, they really formed their own alliance, and CD really did sign a protectorate (however short and to the point it was) with them.

In my first announcement, CD is hereby relinquishing our protectorate treaty with the Imperium of Man. Both sides understand why, and there is no hard feelings on either side, it was a necessary step for both alliances. We wish Imperium the best of luck in the future (happy hunting oh yea tech raiders!)

But wait, there's more! Did you forget, this is a double announcement....

On behalf of the NSO and Carpe Diem, I am here to welcome Imperium of Man into the brown military pact, Terra-Cotta! Imperium is the latest addition to brown, and we're quite happy to have them join our MDP bloc (really, they are a great bunch! Also, my well-wishes to tech raiders was a joke, I still wouldn't mess with Imperium). All I can say is, that despite Mayuri's enthusiasm when writing his signature for when CD signed this treaty, I'm terribly sad to see it didn't carry over to his new alliance, those guys are pretty fun so it could have been hilarious.

The Terra-Cotta Pact

A Mutual Defense Agreement for the Brown Sphere


We, the signatory alliances of the Terra-Cotta Pact, vow to uphold the integrity and dignity of the Brown trading sphere. We will provide each signatory aligned nation within the Brown trading sphere the right to pursue prosperity for its citizens via support and mutual defense. To that end we affix our name to this Pact claiming support for the mandates herein.

Mutual Defense of the Brown Trading Sphere

Should any signatory alliance be subject to an act of unwarranted aggression, the other signatory alliances are obligated to provide all reasonable assistance, both military or economic, unless the assaulted signatory alliance is involved in the conflict via other treaties or through the actions of another bloc. In such a case aid is voluntary.

Additions to the Pact and Cancellation

Any alliance residing in the Brown trading sphere or claiming predominant placement within same that agrees to the intent of the Preamble and contained mandates is welcome to sign this Pact and receive equal and full benefits to all other signatory alliances. Alliances seeking to sign should be unencumbered and able to carry out their own foreign policy without external approval or obligation. Alliances seeking to withdraw from the Pact must provide seventy-two hour notification in writing to the appropriate party within each signatory alliance.


The below signed alliances agree to the terms and conditions contained herein and have voluntarily agreed to this Pact via their independent governmental or constitutional processes:

For the New Sith Order

Ivan Kalinski Moldavi, Dread Lord of Stromholde, Dark Lord of the Sith, Sovereign of the New Sith Order

The Darth Council,

Sith Lord Doppelganger, Sith Lord RandomInterrupt, Sith Lord Heft, Sith Lord RedCommunist, Sith Lord Mussolandia

The NSO Council for Peace,

Master Sith Marauder Isaac Wolfe, Sith Marauder ConeBone, Sith Marauder Darth

For Carpe Diem

Mayuri-sama, Soon to be ex-DoFA, founder, ex-triumvir, ex-godmongler, Treatymongler of epic propotions, destroyer of bad memes, always angry, "Lord and Master of Question of the Day" -board, currently bored at work, multicellurar organism floating around in a small planet in the Milky Way.

Destructiox - Triumvir of getting drunk, partying hard, creating lulz, sanctioning Pyro, acting strange in IRC, I will fight you, but who was phone?

Pyroman - Triumvir of playing with fire and making sure the kids in the sand box are safe.

Bionic Redhead - Blood knight, smiter of SHLD, HERO OF THE IMPERIUM, stealer of candy from children, kicker of puppies, crusher of dreams, all round nice guy

Rorschach - Chief Diplomat, Head Master of Foreign Affair Illusions and Nonsensical Time Wasting

Cairna - Destroyer of worlds, Overall Boomer Defence Man, General of the Telephones, Voted Most Likely to be a Dirty Old Man at the Mall, and Cusser by Excellence

Clyde - master of infernal, lord of accordions, chief of keeping the plebians in line, director of oh god how did this get here I am not good with computer

K4tz - Hi I like cats they're really cute <3

Kirsten- Triumvir (Cats suck.)

Orfn - Current Deputy of Foreign Affairs, soon to be Director of Foreign Affairs, Unofficial Yet Designated Whipping Boy of Carpe Diem, God of the Public Boards and Shaman of Reddit, Admin of #3,000,000, Part-Time Carpe Diem Softcore Porn Writer, Carpe Diem Diplomat to TOOL, Most Uninformed Member of Carpe Diem Government.

For Imperium of Man

Mayuri - Immortal God-Emperor

Dissident - Lord Commander Militant

brotherinarms - Ecclesiarch

fdarsafarg - High Inquisitor

Contra - MotA

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Wow good thing i went back to read the post. I was already on an IoM nation ready to attack then for some reason i decided to read the rest of the OP. I was blood lusting after teh (happy hunting oh yea tech raiders!. But meh i wont say congrats on the TC pact. So ill just say you almost got me to raid there highest nation XD

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