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Fail Spy Ring


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How can you pass up an offer like that?

Who said i passed it up?! ;)

Sounds like you destroyed a massive conspiracy. Not some schmuck at ALL.

Yes, because im clearly showing off my prowess in deceiving a leader of a "massive conspiracy" to reveal his true motives.

Look at me! The amazing Spy Catcher!!!

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I am curious as to whether any of you would be interested in joining my spy ring

No! Your doing it wrong, we PM you if we are interested...that way our identities or super duper secret! B)

Expect to hear from me.

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Well so I made the poster. I've been remarkably disappointed in the lowered standards of fail nowadays when people start casually tossing around phrases like Rebbilon 2.0 when the OP quite clearly does not scale that height, or depth as it were.

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