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  1. Its good to see that you speak for the entirety of the TE community. Something changed in a barely living game where nothing ever changes. Learn, adapt and conquer. Or you can post poorly written rants on the forums that conjure the image of a child whining to its mother. Who knows, this could bring a new wave of activity to TE even if its just for vengeance. Or the incompetent and rash can grab their basketball and run home to mom to complain about the other kids posterizing them. Either way its a win win.
  2. You must be new to the internet and the love hate relationship it has with displaying sarcasm. Dont worry, youll get there.
  3. SNX must be the only group on bob who failed to notice a weak re-branding effort. Nose dive imminent :popcorn:
  4. My appologies. Its the only way i can rationalize some of your supporters posts.
  5. So eternal war is delcared on one of the king of multis which the community attributed to either increased drug use or the cessation of required drug use. All due to a senate seat on the skidmark team. Seems the best part of CN is watching it deteriorate. Someone start a real war so ppl can stop drooling over a pair of dinks on the playground fighting over who gets to use the slide. poor cn :facepalm:
  6. Im always amazed at this games ability to just churn out meaningless threads that go in circles and the only discernible purpose is to jack up peoples post counts. :gun:
  7. Idk what the hand thing is (stamp?) but that tats dope af
  8. 2 pages of "spill the beans!" / "no dont spill the beans!" / "The beans arent worth spilling."
  9. Training of the lower tiers, more alliances should setup programs like this. Well done GOONS.
  10. cant go wrong with Viking badassery
  11. Always gotta pity those who confuse opinion with fact, so limiting. Ill retract myself now as I'm so clearly out of my depth given your nation age and complex-minded lessons. Gawd how havent I been taking notes?
  12. Assumptions are great. Nation age doesnt always reflect age in this world. Flaunting game is on point though.
  13. Such untenable wit, no wonder you hear so much about that DBDC thing; some real new age stuff here.
  14. pretty much sums it all up beautifully.
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