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Election results, a NATO announcement

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My greetings to you, people of Planet Bob. I come to you now from the alliance of NATO, bringing with me the results of the latest elections that have been held there. The races were close, the debates intense, and the fights most fierce; but when the dust cleared, the thirteen who will lead NATO into its newest age were clear. A portion of the dust was a result of a military coup attempt launched on the first of April by the NATO Armed Forces, but our loyalist troops managed to hold the ventilation ducts open long enough for the High Council to reach the control room and restore power to its rightful hands. The transition occurred subsequently as scheduled, and our new cabinet is settling in quite well as I speak.

And now, I shall not withhold their names from you any longer: I present to you the faces of NATO, both new and old!

High Council

High Councilor Potentia: Anu Drake

High Councilor Externus: Wentworth the Brave

High Councilor Augmentum: Lenny N Karl


Minister of Defense: tommyknocker2121

Minister of Foreign Affairs: Tithan

Minister of Interior Affairs: Iskander

Minister of Recruitment: cheemao

Minister of Trade: Tristan the Hammer

Minister of Finance: HP Wingfoot

Minister of the University: Kim Jong Sick

Supreme Court

Chief Justice: Njero

Justice: Allyson

Justice: Aress

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Congrats to the new government and the return of the familiar names as well.

o/ Democracy (even though Anu fixed it...don't try to deny it :P)


I won't try to deny it, the race was so close I changed all the logs. I almost fell under 80% of the votes, so I had to really stretch this one.

Hmm, may i ask how many votes were cast?

The most contested race had just over 100 votes.

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Wait...all your loyalist forces did was hold the vents open? Doesn't sound like it was much of coup...

It was well planned and executed, but the overwhelming power of the loyalists was too strong to keep us out of the control room.

/actually Iskander was being metaphorical.

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NATO has an office for everything, doesn't it? :P [. . .]

For sure.

We also have a King, a Minister of Entertainment, a God (one of the HCs, guess which ;) ), and various posts assigned by the King.

We'd pin up the whole list when we do these election result posts, but honestly, it's best not to encourage them. :wacko:

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