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Siberian Tiger Alliance Announcment

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It is no secret that the Siberian Tiger Alliance and the New Polar Order are close politically and community-wise. Ever since the Siberian Tiger Alliance was created we have been allied to Polaris and I was once Emperor of Polaris myself.

After much discussion between our respective government it has been agreed that the STA and NpO will merge to become one to form the New Siberian Order under the acronym NsO.

The NsO will adopt the Siberian Tiger Alliance government structure and Charter with myself as Supreme Chancellor and a number of current Polar government officials taking up positions in an expanded Consilium Tigris with the Consilium to undergo a name change to reflect the name of the newly formed alliance.

The NsO will be based on the white team with the transfer of current Polar nations to the white team beginning in a few days.

All current treaties held by the STA and NpO will be transferred to the NsO with some obviously being reviewed at a later date once the alliance has settled.

I am pleased to see this has finally come to fruition and once the transition is complete the NsO will be the third largest alliance in the Cyberverse.

Let the 1st of April 2009 mark the birth of the next great superpower in the Cyberverse! The New Siberian Order!

Za Sibir'!

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The burden of leadership has become too much for me, I could not honestly dump this on anyone but Tyga's broad shoulders. I thank him for taking us in in this time.

o/ STA

o/ NsO

They're not broad, they're fat.

Don't indulge Tyga's misconceptions Grub )):

Also Za Sibir'!

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