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  1. You simultaneously remind me of why I loved the original, while also having me enjoy the parody. What's not to love?
  2. At their most literal, the phrase casus belli and Polaris delendum est are translated as "cause of war" and "Polaris must be destroyed," respectively. I enjoyed this column very much.
  3. So, no instant gratification, but still make it competitive. That is our issue. Best way would be more wars. How can we do that? Simple. Have some sort of limited resource. Some magic thing that, when possessed by a nation, it makes said nation better. Sounds like tech, but tech is unlimited. We need a resource that will be directly proportional to the # of nations. I propose calling said magic resource "Admin's Blessing." Every nation, at the age of 1 month, receives 20. That's it. only way to get more is war. Every time you give your opponent more damage then he gives you, per week long war, you "steal" 5 blessing. As for what blessing does, well, I don't know.
  4. sorry senatorhung, i usually only check yours. I'll snoop around to the others.
  5. hey, could you make one with peaced out alliances removed?
  6. i request an update, good sir. These are very nice, and the removal of peaced-out alliances is very nice.
  7. so, what exactly did you do to GGA?
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