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We at Farkistan pride ourselves on achieving goals. Well, after reaching the 50th level of Kunark, we thought we'd peaked. There was nothing left to accomplish. Our bags of holding were full, we had cohorts and minions, our dump stats were maxed, and our weapons wielded epic weapons.

What was left?

Nothing, really. We're still working on it. While you wait patiently for the fruit of our boundless genius and creativity, however, here's a little light reading:


Also I would like to point out that WickedJ is more or less solely responsible for the genesis of this treaty, so all accolades, awards, and complaints may henceforth be brought to him and his offspring unto the 7th generation. So it is, so it shall be.

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man, i am so glad we never had the bad taste to associate with someone who doesn't like Mountain Dew. what a weirdo. blech.

Yeah well, I shall respond via logdump:

[12:26] <%MistahHoo> I've never heard of this ... FARK

[12:26] <%MistahHoo> Apocalypse I have heard of, but FARK? ... what a funny name for an alliance ...

Put that in your pipe and smoke it, pal!


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)): wicked...

love the treaty!!! even if jewel drugged wicked to make it happen :wub:

I take offense at this... I merely distracted J with my avatars ;)

This has been a long time coming and I am thrilled to have it happen.

o/ Apoc and Fark

:wub: WickedJ

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WickedJ phails. )):

o/ Apocalypse

o/ Fark :awesome:

I'm glad to see a treaty of this nature between people of this variety in a place such as this at a time cognate to now :D

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