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  1. Oh just you wait.Unless you're referring specifically to my particular war web style in which case thanks :> I meant the graphical style, though it is still early in the war. You made this with Visio right?
  2. I think this is the first war web I've seen that doesn't give me a migraine.
  3. Casablanca Also missing The Great Escape.
  4. They don't need this as an excuse. Even without this they would've slipped in a (slightly) milder version of SOPA into a defense bill and it would've sailed right through.
  5. when you absolutely, positively have to snark every motherhubbard in the BR, call Lamuella I am just about where you are at in August but I am continuing to post because I am a terrible person
  6. Yeah I probably overspent on my current i5 rig, but I'm also happy that it's future proof for a while. I gotta get a decent GPU (and a case that will fit a decent GPU comfortably). My trusty 9800 GTX+ got demolished by the Witcher 2.
  7. Not going for an i5 for budget reasons? Also, your old GPU isn't *that* bad, it's certainly much newer than your Pentium D. I'm surprised you can play half the games you do on that thing.
  8. Team Fortress 2 lets you wear hats.
  9. Yes, but prior to 2008, CBs came rapidfire, as 50K players with larger alliances were more willing to take risks. You actually had people who would do things that actually created a CB. The problem was, the community decided that one of these need to be present into eternity, because *gasp* Admin Forbid "I dont like you and your alliance" be used as a reason for war. That doesn't make sense. You're complaining about there needing to be a CB to wage war today, but claiming that prior to 2008 was better. You then say that prior to 2008 everyone came up with lots of CBs. That's a contradict
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