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  1. [quote name='kingzog' timestamp='1343952886' post='3017987'] The joke stopped being funny about five years ago. Congratulations nevertheless. [/quote] Traditions are important. Keep standing athwart history, yelling "boobs", Fark.
  2. Oh good the regularly scheduled peace mode cj
  3. [quote name='AAAAAAAAAAGGGG' timestamp='1340633921' post='2995834'] I can't remember what war it was, but a lot of people qq'd when Umbrella declared a single war on an alliance without a DoW and it became an over 30-page complain-o-fest that we weren't utilizing the OWF properly. Hopefully this avoids that. [/quote] i thought ~real~ alliances didn't let the OWF dicatate policy
  4. Oh just you wait.Unless you're referring specifically to my particular war web style in which case thanks :> I meant the graphical style, though it is still early in the war. You made this with Visio right?
  5. I think this is the first war web I've seen that doesn't give me a migraine.
  6. [quote name='Hereno' timestamp='1334885305' post='2955988'] More like, in the past, GOONS was willing to take reps from whoever and be done before the war turned into a big ordeal, because that's all they really cared about. Since Kaskus and Mongols refused to give in, and have caused GOONS a huge headache by sticking it out and forcing them to shed NS, GOONS wants to get revenge/smack them in the face. This is backed up by a flat rate for reps - no arguments - being posted in the OP. PB and GOONS see the situation as Mongols and Kaskus wasting their time and NS over something as trivial as t
  7. So where was FOK in all this? Don't they have nations in the dreaded 15-45k range? I mean, it's hard to blame Umbrella for not attacking nations they can't hit. And if GOONS wants to bite off more than they can chew because they know their allies will bail them out, more power to them. But FOK didn't really do much for their brothers in arms here.
  8. What would rolling neutrals even do to make the game more interesting? The war system is terribad and most wouldn't even put up a fight worth having.
  9. Casablanca Also missing The Great Escape.
  10. [quote name='Sardonic' timestamp='1330491349' post='2930469'] Nein comrade, an alliance war by our definition is only between sovereign alliances. Never individuals, and if one of the alliances involved is sovereign and recognized but the other isn't, that's where the 'mass tech raid' category comes in. Anyhoo, the act of somebody sending aid to an individual can lead to an alliance war, as we've seen here, if the sovereign government of the alliance the aiding nation belongs to does not agree to reparations. This does not mean it has become an alliance war, the refusal to come to terms of
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