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  1. [quote]Your nuclear attack against Dulra was a success however their fallout shelters reduced some of the damage caused by this attack. Dulra lost 84409 defending soldiers, 0 defending tanks, 0 cruise missiles, 925.534 miles of land, 308.51 technology, 925.53 infrastructure, 50% of their aircraft, and 18% of their nuclear vulnerable navy force. In addition to these losses Dulra will experience several days of economic devastation in their nation. [/quote] Now to wait to be belittled.
  2. [quote name='JoshuaR' timestamp='1333329019' post='2947082'] Methax has too many blood oaths to Umbrella. We'd get to do so much more to him than what a couple people did to Kowalski. The yo momma jokes would go on for DAYS. [/quote] Perhaps we borrow Methax...
  3. Is there other people who want to spice things up and assist us on our quest? Switch to Maroon seems like a good idea. I have only ever been green... wait! I was orange once many years ago in ODN.
  4. [quote name='MrMuz' timestamp='1333275970' post='2946651'] I'm pretty sure that nuking someone ruins whatever plans they have for their nation Well, good luck to Hime Themis on this. Two rogues within Dulra's range is going to be a hell of a lot of trouble to counter. But an interesting fight, especially since she's already anarchied them both solo without nukes. This probably would well be worth an alliance announcement, unlike those other rogue threads going around. [/quote] Oh the anarchy was our fault, the only way to do damage to the nation was to deploy all the troops!
  5. [quote name='omfghi2u2' timestamp='1333273518' post='2946635'] Make sure you post how much 40k Tech in nuke does! -omfg [/quote] Of course!
  6. Boredom/challenge. Do not have any time to play CN seriously or at all really. So my housemate (Sarin)and I thought lets take down number 1. Hime Themis is so huge, not many situations would warrant an attack, thus we decided out target. We are curious to see how much damage we can do until we are out of money. Certainly, it is a rather challenging fight; two nations vs No. 1 and all those who attack us back! Very excited about this!
  7. [quote name='Chief Savage Man' timestamp='1333270019' post='2946621'] thanks for the resignation notice [/quote] Sorry about that. It was all very spur of the moment.
  8. You have just conducted a spy operation against the nation of Dulra. In the attack your spy efforts were successful as your spies were able to gather the following information about the nation: Desired Religion: Islam Desired Government: Democracy Threat Level: Severe Tax Rate: 30% Number of Spies: 800 Last Nuke Purchase: 1/4/2012 9:35:14 AM Last Wonder Purchase: 2/18/2010 Total Money: $3,601,654,655 Technology: 45,258.97 Levels Last Bill Payment: 4/1/2012 1:04:48 AM Trade Partners: Mykonos, Vijar, Bumpivania, Zanidoo, Schnitzelburg Secret Aid Sent To: None Total Aircraft: 95 Ai
  9. Work!! I feel sorry for my family listen to me laugh to my friend over the phone about it all. Twice they yelled at me for being to loud and then threatened cutting me off from the internet! They must think i have no life This may be true....disturbing
  11. I Yuri Baddic of Rubber Ducky Division Surrender to Karma
  12. We post our nuke policies out of courtesy. RDD is a tradional alliance retaining to the old ways, respect and honor. 'Out of date' we maybe... But so be it! En garde!
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