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Dispatch From The Greenland Republic


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Greenland Republic Election Results

The Archon and Minister elections have just come to a close.

The final results:


Drai/Shamedmonkey: 27

Minister of the Interior:

Sal Paradise: 29

Stefan Uros: 4

Minister of Foreign Affairs:

Ilselu1: 28

Mathias: 2

Minister of Defense:

Virillus: 28

Greatmagnus: 1

Minister of Finance:

Steodonn: 17

Jenker: 14

Minister of Trains

Electron Sponge: 10

Bob: 6

Archon: 3

Doitzel: 3

BabyJesus: 1

So appointing from the top 3 in each category, the new Ministers are:

MoFA: Ilselu1

MoD: Virillus

MoI: Sal Paradise

MoF: Steodonn

MoT: Archon

Archon was chosen as our Minister of Trains because I feel that his plan to bring in a new shipment of F-22 locomotives in a timely manner exceeds any other candidates' abilities. That, and we just couldn't allow Electron Sponge to become the first Greenland Republic member to hold 2 government positions.

Archon: Drai

Vice-Archon: Shamedmonkey

Minister of Foreign Affairs: Ilselu1

Minister of Defense: Virillus

Minister of Interior: Sal Paradise

Minister of Finance: Steodonn

Minister of Trains: Archon

Senate: Kestral, Davidius, Kosherness, Midgetporn, TBA (to replace Shamedmonkey)

Admiral of the Iceberg Floatilla: Electron Sponge

Edited by Drai
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Congrats to those elected. It's going to be interesting to see how Steo does as MoF and I wonder how long Kestral will hold onto her senate spot before there is a move to coup Drai. Hope you guys get a few closer races in the future too looking at the MoD, MoFA and MoI which don't look too close.

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I won the Minister of Trains election, I demand justice

And how do you plan on having that justice delivered, hmm? By train, perhaps? Well think again, old man! You've got to go through me now to get to...um...well, me! Muahahaha!

I got as many votes as Archon, I demand a Ministry.

You can be my secretary if you'd like. >.>

BS on Sponge not getting his train post. And also, Sal will make a nice interior decorator. Congrats to all.

Your lack of faith is disappointing.

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You left out my one vote for Blacky for MoF. <_<

Please don't call the charter police!

Archon's appointment is actually in keeping with the charter. The untold story here is Virillus posted the election thread several hours before Drai had mandated it be posted in flagrant disregard for (1) the rule of law, and (2) the authority of the Archon. Yes, that's right. The Minister of Defense has usurped the Archon's power, and therefore the new government of the Greenland Republic is, in fact, a military dictatorship.

And also, Sal will make a nice interior decorator.

Indeed. I was measuring the drapes before I was even nominated.

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