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FEAR election results

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Hi there, it is with great pleasure that I unveil the new FEAR gov lineup for the march-april term.

Turetel – Chancellor

ClashCityRocker – Vice-Chancellor

Vespassianus – Director of Foreign Affairs

Denmark Resistance – Director of Defense

Sivart – Director of Finances

Nathanacus – Director of Recruitment

Bladegolem47 – Director of Education

GodOfMarines - Tech Chairman

Id like to take this time to thank our retiring Gov members, Gaius Aurelian, Schmutte693, Lartize and Canik for all their hard work and dedication this last term. Id also like to make a special point to welcome back into the fold Bladegolem47, who has returned from a long long long retirement, and stepped up to the plate, exchanging his shuffleboard for a chalk board. I look forward to the next two months and hope to see some great things accomplished in FEAR. Thanks for listening!

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Gaius Aurelian did a good job as Chancellor, and I am sad to hear he retired. It's nice to see Turetel on duty again, and I hope the FEAR government continues in its devotion towards prosperity! Congratulations guys.

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Turetel, you didn't last long outside of Chancellor. Sad to see Gaius stepping down but I'm sure FEAR will have a bright future. And how did Lartize manage to escape?? Nooooo! :(

Congrats to FEAR and I'll be seeing you all shortly enough.

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