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Announcement from the Multicolored Cross-X Alliance


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Announcement from the Multicolored Cross-X Alliance

I'm sure many of you have been wondering since the recent announcement from The Sweet Oblivion what will become of the Multicolored Cross-X Alliance. I have to disappoint those few who would like us wiped out of existance, by assuring you that the MCXA will continue to exist and thrive while doing so, albeit under new management.

When in the course of the history of any particular alliance, one will experience a phase of uncertainty, mishap, and difficult times. The last few weeks, MCXA has been going through such phase. However, from this day forward, we shall see a new and improved MCXA. One that will come out as stronger, better, and more focused than before. One that will not look back at all the members we lost, but look forward with all the members we have. MCXA may have lost many capable and great leaders the last few days, but rest assured, we are still here and more committed than ever.

Without doubt, the loss of much of our previous government will present to us a challenge, but it is one we will overcome. The loss of more than two million NS and nearly 7 score without foreign influence or ensuing disbandment is surely a record, one which I never hope that any other alliance is forced to endure. However, countless members have risen up to fill these gaps, and having worked with and discussed the situation with them over the past week, I have the full expectation that the MCXA will be able to weather this storm and emerge with even greater strength, focus, and unity.

Leading this new government shall be myself and Dr. Fresh. Between the two of us, we have nearly five years of experience in the upper echelons of government and have worked within all Ministries of our alliance. Our mandate for the coming weeks is to stabilize the MCXA, and ensure the continuation of programs to support, defend, and advance our alliance and its membership. Our alliance will be focusing on addressing its internal affairs first and foremost; but will also be re-evaluating our treaty situation in due time. We will be seeking to rebuild bridges with those who have been adversaries in the past, and reaffirm our convictions of maintaining stability on the world stage with our allies. But in the meantime, both outgoing and incoming governments have already been in contact with many of our allies, and those who have not yet heard from us can expect to do so shortly.

For the next several weeks, the MCXA will be governed by a Transition Council until elections are held. We invite you to contact us with any questions or concerns that you might have at #MCXA on Coldfront and/or our forums at http://mcxa-cross.com.

Signed for the MCXA,

Dr. Fresh, Co-Chancellor

Gopherbashi, Co-Chancellor

TIinPA, Minister of Defense

Jimmy2e, Minister of Foreign Affairs

KingEd, Minister of the Interior

Rextu, Minister of Finance

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