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  1. Your sig reminds me of MechWarrior. That or an Apache missile pod. Now I'm imagining mechanized sheep with helicopter blades and a chain gun.

  2. Is that a sheep with an automatic cannon?!?!?!?

  3. The problem then arises when you find yourself in a position where you're forced to argue with someone that won't accept anything you tell them, because they refuse to take the small step down from their actually not so high footstool. I've spent a lot of time doing this myself [OOC]in and out of CN /[OOC], and it's a pain. But at the end of the day at least you've done the right thing. Just need to stay calm and talk things over properly with people and hopefully... unlike some, they won't go around trolling everything you say just for their two seconds in the spotlight.. and that short adrenaline rush associated with feeling important.
  4. Skippy's so cool that Chuck Norris got laid off and retired in shame.

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