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Bastion Announcment

King Srqt

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It has come to our attention that their is some confusion around our Bloc so I am here today to help clear some things up.

First, we are not the Bloc that Mr. Sponge posted information about. Second, we are a very real Bloc, our formation was not a joke (although I will admit we had a little fun in regards to the name) and we are very dedicated to the defense of the member alliances of this Bloc and to its success as a whole.

Ok, now that I have that out of the way I am proud to announce the creation of the Bastion forums and IRC channel.

Please join us on our brand new forums at http://www.cn-bastion.co.cc and our IRC at #cn-bastion which is located on the coldfront server. All are welcome and I hope to see you there.

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You have an interesting bloc set up, but isn't the RIA-Ragnarok thing redundant from Superfriends?

Yes, but this Bloc allows them to bring in powers that may not wish to join Superfriends or that may not be wanted in by all the powers that Superfriends consists of.

Any hints on when the next signatory will be jumping on board?

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