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ZI List Question


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As far as I know, i'm on the NPO ZI list, and cannot find out off to get off it.

I have private messaged Emperor Moo, I have talked to Triyun and he stopped replying, and I have no IRC, so i've decided to post here and hope for a reply of how to get off their list.

The reason I was on their list was sending aid to Kaiser Martens when he was on their list, but now that he has gotten peace I'm wondering if there is even a reason for me to be on their list anymore.

tl;dr: On NPO ZI list, tried private channels, wondering how to get off list.

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Personally, if Martens has been pardoned I'd think you would be as well, but that's not my decision.

I'd just keep trying to contact someone about it and work on getting off the list. Definitely keep a level head and things should get sorted.

Or you could join Vox and not have to worry about that >_<

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I got ZId by NPO and I wasted my time trying to work it out diplomatically.

PROTIP: Dont resist it, get ZI'd and move on with your CN life. At least you arent on Perma or Eternal ZI.

Well if they want to ZI me, they can, got an open war slot and 200 infra. Though I did get to ZI already, but I doubt they care about that fine detail.

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