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  1. I forget about Sparta the most often.
  2. For what it matters...I'm back at CN for now. I left for a bit, for various reasons...Mostly being annoyed by certain people, but now I'm back at it. So....ya. Letting people know as I can't get on IRC tonight. Toodles. Old friends, feel free to PM.
  3. Try again? Or create a new name and just go on with life...
  4. ...I find it amusing and mean at the same time...
  5. It seems every time I log onto the forums and check the OWF I see stupidity. And before I say anything else, it is coming from pretty much every place imaginable. People just new to the game, people who have been playing for years, and people who really just want attention all seem to act stupid on the forums. Whether it be some random post where the only thing you can say is 'Private Channels FTW', or some long 'essay' where some idiot attempts to act intelligent by putting large words together and saying there is a point to it; it is all just retarded. Take the Global Despot thread. It sta
  6. I honestly can't even remember who you are. Sorry. Been to long I suppose.
  7. Perhaps change your forum alliance name
  8. I demand you post something intriguing. Also hello.
  9. My views. Mine only. Enjoy my rambling. Also for all you Grammar Nazi's out there. I don't care. ----- It seems every once in a while, people mention how this is indeed just a game. How all our hours spent on the forums, in IRC, and at our imaginative nations are really wasted on something that is just not real. That behind our nations there is just a bunch of 1s and 0s that really mean nothing in our lives. That the game is just a bunch of pixels. But is it? How exactly can a game that is based not around the individual aspects of each nation, but ultimately how we choose to relate our nat
  10. In your opinion, how have wars changed for both the best and worst over time? Better worser? Not really sure on grammar there...meh. Also I demand a shoutout to Toadette.
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