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  1. For what it matters...I'm back at CN for now. I left for a bit, for various reasons...Mostly being annoyed by certain people, but now I'm back at it. So....ya. Letting people know as I can't get on IRC tonight. Toodles. Old friends, feel free to PM.
  2. It seems every time I log onto the forums and check the OWF I see stupidity. And before I say anything else, it is coming from pretty much every place imaginable. People just new to the game, people who have been playing for years, and people who really just want attention all seem to act stupid on the forums. Whether it be some random post where the only thing you can say is 'Private Channels FTW', or some long 'essay' where some idiot attempts to act intelligent by putting large words together and saying there is a point to it; it is all just retarded. Take the Global Despot thread. It started out as harmless (and slightly lame) joke thread and turned into a complete stupidity fest. How? Honestly Vox Populi and NPO + friends decided to puff out their chests and act tough in a thread meant for humor. I mean on one side of the argument, you have Vox Populi calling the NPO attention seekers (which while Vox is not meant to be an attention seeking group, they definitely get a lot of attention), and on the other side you have NPO + friends calling Vox irrelevant. I mean is it that hard to have a good laugh together? Then you have threads like When Peace Terms Don't Give You Peace. I guess it started with a point, how the large bloc has communication problems due to their size, and how someone was getting attacked because of it, but seriously!?! There were about 10 posts with definitions in it. I mean the thread came down to a semantics words. I tried to break it up, by posting the definition of semantics itself, but I sadly failed. I mean arguing and debating is good and all, but really? Must you all break out the dictionaries to argue? At that point you need to call it a day and stop posting. Then there is the typical Peace Request threads. I mean fighting for peace so you can continue playing is awesome, and I hope you get it (although in this specific example the guy was an idiot), but seriously? Even on my first day I understood that posting in alliance politics about personal matters was the way not to get you're request granted. Could you not understand how to register on a forum? Or is IRC seriously that complicated! So here I am hoping that my few examples might prompt some readers to act intelligently. Maybe it's better not to argue with someone over some random point and just go about your day. Maybe you don't have to argue the definition of a word and maybe argue the actual concept? Perhaps you could think more and find the right path yourself. Who knows? Maybe one day people will stop claiming intellect and start using it. ~LA
  3. I honestly can't even remember who you are. Sorry. Been to long I suppose.
  4. I demand you post something intriguing. Also hello.
  5. My views. Mine only. Enjoy my rambling. Also for all you Grammar Nazi's out there. I don't care. ----- It seems every once in a while, people mention how this is indeed just a game. How all our hours spent on the forums, in IRC, and at our imaginative nations are really wasted on something that is just not real. That behind our nations there is just a bunch of 1s and 0s that really mean nothing in our lives. That the game is just a bunch of pixels. But is it? How exactly can a game that is based not around the individual aspects of each nation, but ultimately how we choose to relate our nation to others, be just pixels? How can a game where we interact with thousands of people just be pixels? I mean could we just walk away from this game and not be affected by it in some way? I'm not saying that I would completely alter my real life to accommodate CyberNations or that this is all I care about (Believe me, it's not). I've actually quit for a period (the one I just got back from) because of my real life. I am saying however, that I would never call this game just pixels. I don't see how anyone else could, honestly. I've played this game for over 1 year now. In that year I've been in five different alliances, most notably Mushroom Kingdom, New Pacific Order, and Mighty Armed States of Honor, and I've probably talked to atleast a thousand people online through CyberNations. I doubt I could ever call this game just pixels. As because of these pixels I've met and talked to so many interesting and truly awesome people. Really, the pixels of this game, have caused me to sign up to the forums, these forums have caused me to sign up for a specific alliance, and that alliance has caused me to get on IRC and post on here and their private forums, and this chatting and posting has caused me to meet so many different people. So really, these pixels, the ones some people might call stupid or pointless, have technically brought me to all of you. Without them I would never have met any of the people I've laughed with on IRC, playfully trolled on the forums, or gotten to know in the past year. I would never have gone 'Hai' to uaciaut (still can't spell it right I bet), or said to Archon's posts, or trolled with Atrophis (best times ever...), or posted this blog. These pixels that everyone calls worthless, are pretty worthwhile to me. I'm happy to say that I've been affected by these pixels. And I really hope others are too. So next time we all get thrown into a war because the treaty web is a mess and some random alliance we never heard of might of done something to this other alliance that couldn't let it go and you're posting some message along the lines of 'Bawww stop crying about your beating because of all the lame bandwagon alliances, its just pixels'....Remember that without those pixels, you wouldn't have the awesome'ness that is CN. ~LA
  6. Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great one! :)

  7. Figures I get online and you're gone. Bad Ariana!

  8. Get on IRC! There is no one to talk too!

  9. I'm sorry for lol'd'ing. :(:(( Atlas closing that thread :((

  10. You're using a rather MK type of avatar D:

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