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  1. That is a serious looking lizard

  2. is prowling around the OWF.

    1. Shimmer


      Prowl my Warn Appeal :wub: ?

      Also, it updates me when you update status's. I am no stalker.

    2. Sword of Estel

      Sword of Estel

      I get no such updates! What is this I don't even...?

    3. dejarue


      It updates me, too. I imagine it has to do with who you're friends with.

  3. is waiting for an influx of Valentines. kthx >;)

    1. Londo Mollari

      Londo Mollari

      here is an ASCII <3 just for you :v

  4. has stacked ninjas in a pyramid.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Sword of Estel

      Sword of Estel

      Let's see pirates pull off a similar pyramid and get Santa to endorse it. What? This can't be done? Why? Yeah, that's what I thought. >;)

    3. Duncan King

      Duncan King

      You are very talented.

    4. citizenkane


      does the ninja stacking come with easy to read instructions?

  5. Where have you been good sir?

  6. Of course the mods haven't disappeared in a month, Mr. Clark, we've just been busy eating 15,000 nations. Of course.
  7. This is an even better view. >;)

  8. Someone buy this man a power cord. CN needs more interactive media.
  9. is creepin' on Philo.

  10. I am willing to fill up 5 slots for anyone who attacks this nation: "Yealgon"

    The slots can be an combination of tech and money. ex: 5 slots of 3 million= 15 million or 5 slots of 50 tech each= 250 tech. Or if you want 100 tech 9 million...etc.

    Just message me when you've declared war and I will send you the aid. I have various people who will send you the aid....

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