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  1. Sword of Estel

    Protocol for CN admin and alliances with Multis

    The rules should answer your Q's, but I do have one for you--do you really think 15% of every alliance is multies? That seems a tad high... To help quell any undue paranoia...you don't need to change your procedure and don't have to screen people to see if they're multies for any moderation-related reason. You should report any you do find, though. A lot of alliances complete the scans for internal security reasons but do file multi reports in the Game Abuse forum or send in private reports (to Game Mods), partially because it is in the rules to do so, but also I suspect because of in-game reasons. Like not wanting to have cheaters in your ranks, sure, but also because it stands to reason that you might be busting in-game enemies trying to spy on you (or have their friends spy on you from a shared network) and the like. Whatever the reason, it shouldn't be too time consuming, just send in the report it sounds like you're already compiling. Do you do this once a week or so? I wonder there's been so many just in the last week. I guess it [i]is[/i] mating season...
  2. That is a serious looking lizard

  3. is prowling around the OWF.

    1. Shimmer


      Prowl my Warn Appeal :wub: ?

      Also, it updates me when you update status's. I am no stalker.

    2. Sword of Estel

      Sword of Estel

      I get no such updates! What is this I don't even...?

    3. dejarue


      It updates me, too. I imagine it has to do with who you're friends with.

  4. Sword of Estel

    Laggy as hell Cybernations

    I shall alert admin to this thread.
  5. is waiting for an influx of Valentines. kthx >;)

    1. Londo Mollari

      Londo Mollari

      here is an ASCII <3 just for you :v

  6. has stacked ninjas in a pyramid.

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    2. Sword of Estel

      Sword of Estel

      Let's see pirates pull off a similar pyramid and get Santa to endorse it. What? This can't be done? Why? Yeah, that's what I thought. >;)

    3. Duncan King

      Duncan King

      You are very talented.

    4. citizenkane


      does the ninja stacking come with easy to read instructions?

  7. Sword of Estel

    Meanwhile, 4 years ago

    [quote name='Manwe' timestamp='1292549508' post='2541364']I would just like to note that my book has way more interesting stuff than this.[/quote] This is true, it also has unicorns and rainbows. /on topic Happy birthday!
  8. Sword of Estel

    Policy Discussion on War Games

    This is a multi-layered question on how already-existing rules work, not a challenge of policy, so moving to Question Center.
  9. Where have you been good sir?

  10. Sword of Estel

    CN is losing players!

    Of course the mods haven't disappeared in a month, Mr. Clark, we've just been busy eating 15,000 nations. Of course.
  11. This is an even better view. >;)

  12. Sword of Estel

    Report Forum Issues Here

    I would check with the IT department at your Uni and check in with your parent's ISP to see if both operate with dynamic IPs and ask if there is any option to secure a stable IP.