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Intelligence? Is there a place for it in CN?

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Lady Ariana


It seems every time I log onto the forums and check the OWF I see stupidity. And before I say anything else, it is coming from pretty much every place imaginable. People just new to the game, people who have been playing for years, and people who really just want attention all seem to act stupid on the forums. Whether it be some random post where the only thing you can say is 'Private Channels FTW', or some long 'essay' where some idiot attempts to act intelligent by putting large words together and saying there is a point to it; it is all just retarded.

Take the Global Despot thread. It started out as harmless (and slightly lame) joke thread and turned into a complete stupidity fest. How? Honestly Vox Populi and NPO + friends decided to puff out their chests and act tough in a thread meant for humor. I mean on one side of the argument, you have Vox Populi calling the NPO attention seekers (which while Vox is not meant to be an attention seeking group, they definitely get a lot of attention), and on the other side you have NPO + friends calling Vox irrelevant. I mean is it that hard to have a good laugh together?

Then you have threads like When Peace Terms Don't Give You Peace. I guess it started with a point, how the large bloc has communication problems due to their size, and how someone was getting attacked because of it, but seriously!?! There were about 10 posts with definitions in it. I mean the thread came down to a semantics words. I tried to break it up, by posting the definition of semantics itself, but I sadly failed. I mean arguing and debating is good and all, but really? Must you all break out the dictionaries to argue? At that point you need to call it a day and stop posting.

Then there is the typical Peace Request threads. I mean fighting for peace so you can continue playing is awesome, and I hope you get it (although in this specific example the guy was an idiot), but seriously? Even on my first day I understood that posting in alliance politics about personal matters was the way not to get you're request granted. Could you not understand how to register on a forum? Or is IRC seriously that complicated!

So here I am hoping that my few examples might prompt some readers to act intelligently. Maybe it's better not to argue with someone over some random point and just go about your day. Maybe you don't have to argue the definition of a word and maybe argue the actual concept? Perhaps you could think more and find the right path yourself. Who knows? Maybe one day people will stop claiming intellect and start using it.


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Regarding the "essays", it seems the blogs have led to an explosion of them. Granted, it's probably just the nature of blogging, but it seems whereas a select few would post walls of text analyzing larger phenomena in the CN world (and be called full of !@#$ for it), now everybody and their mother has some essay or analysis piece to share with us. On the other hand, with the blogs placed in a fairly out of the way place on the forums (the top right being somewhere my attention usually isn't at), at least the frequency with which I see them now directly correlates to the frequency I get masochistic urges :v:

Anyway, people on the internet are stupid as a collective generally I find, and really all that can be done is to laugh at the idiots and try not to be one of them (which I might want to look into putting more effort into).

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To be honest, I would simply describe the phenomena which you've singled out here as pack mentality. In sociology, a lot of thought and theory is dedicated to how we group together. Although we're given concrete groupings such as alliance identity, there are many underlying social themes we can see in the actions of forum members. For example, if enough people are acting in a way that is inherently stupid (but looks to be the dominant behavior), then it is many times more likely that a person new to the environment will act accordingly. In fact, social pressures such as this are so strong that people who have been conditioned to the contrary, actually end up acting completely unlike their character.

It would seem to me that the people who know what's happening in CN are the people who don't spew their opinion out as much. To do so would compromise their advantage of surprise, and more importantly leave them open to trolling. I believe you represent a different kind of poster in that you have the capacity to post intelligently, diffuse trolls, and still carry a strong message that doesn't encourage others to post idiotically.

This was a good read. I look forward to your next one,


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