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Hello Citizens, and welcome to the Office of the Pacific News Network, where all business is conducted and all our archives are located.


: Sponsored by the International Coalition of Socialist Nations (ICSN)

: Sponsored by the New Pacific Order

Issue 4 - May 6, 2006 Part I :

: Sponsored by The New Pacific Order -

: Sponsored by the Global Alliance & Treaty Organization -

: - Sponsored by the New Pacific Order

(July 17 / Aug 16, 2006) - Sponsored by The Viridian Entente

Issue 7 Audio-July 17, 2006

Issue 8 Audio-July 27, 2006.

Issue 10 Audio-September 1, 2006

: Sponsored by The New Pacific Order

: Sponsored by The Global Alliance & Treaty Organization

- December 2, 2006 : Sponsored by the New Pacific Order.

: Wartime Edition

Issue 16 - July 18, 2007 : PNN Productions

: Sponsored by Viridian Entente

American Election Coverage

2004 LIVE American Election Coverage

2008 LIVE American Election Coverage : Sponsored by the Mostly Harmless Alliance

CNQ Radio

CNQ Radio Issue 1.1 - Februrary 8, 2009

CNQ Radio Issue 1.2 - Februrary 10, 2009

Tabloid Tribune 4th Season

Tabloid Tribune #145 : June 23, 2009

Tabloid Tribune #146 : June 27, 2009

Tabloid Tribune #147 : July 5, 2009 sponsored by In-N-Out

Tabloid Tribune #148 : July 26, 2009 sponsored by PaulsLIST

Tabloid Tribune #149 : July 31, 2009 sponsored by Prodigal Chieftain

Tabloid Tribune #150 : August 27, 2009 sponsored by California

Tabloid Tribune #151 : October 11, 2009 sponsored by PaulsLIST

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PaulsLIST Returns

Due to incredible demand, the Pacific News Network has decided to reinstate PaulsLIST starting with Tabloid Tribune #150. As many of you are aware, the New Pacific Order is responsible for all violence, pain, suffering, and destruction in the world, so each issue we will dedicate all receipts to a deserving alliance that the Order has wronged in the past as a way to make up for our sins.

Issue 150's recipient will be the alliance California.

A protectorate of The Phoenix Federation, this alliance that was uninvolved in the Karma Conflict was tech-raided by Poison Clan during the Karma War. After the right people objected to this invasion, Poison Clan agreed to pay reparations to this alliance. However, no payments have happened (they can free up war slots for a raid but not aid slots for reparations. Interesting.)

This is, of course, the Order's fault because had we handled the war better and defeated the forces of Karma, we would have been able to help TPF grind Poison Clan into a paste and enforce a timely repayment schedule. While the forces of justice are busy counting their loot, we here at PNN believe that California deserves something to help kick-start their rebuilding efforts, especially when Poison Clan refuses.

California, on behalf of the Order, I'm sorry, and offer you my sincere apologies.

Standard rates for a PaulsLIST posting are $15 million. Ads written with the assistance of PNN staff are $30 million (and can go longer than the maximum). The first ad (which gets an associated picture and caption) is allocated by sealed bid (minimum $30 million). Make sure your ad is funny, fresh, witty, and about 6 lines or less. Send a PM to Sir Paul with your ad and any questions you may have.

Edited by Sir Paul
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