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  1. [quote name='Maverick87' timestamp='1317708518' post='2815859'] Its sad that you have to get "Wows" and "praised" for standing up for yourself (especially after this long). Check ur PMs, please, sir. [/quote] Will do.
  2. [quote name='Tygaland' timestamp='1317707790' post='2815846'] I'm detecting large amounts of rust on this post of yours, Moo. [/quote] Not at all, Tyga, not at all. [size="1"]Edited by Jenny[/size]
  3. [quote name='USMC123' timestamp='1317706390' post='2815789'] I just wanted to throw this out there because I didn't make this clear earlier: Legion, I am glad you stood up for yourselves, truly. People are constantly giving you !@#$ about being a paper tiger, sucking at war, having no balls, et cetera, and I am glad you guys got fed up with it. I have respect for that. Never thought I'd say it, but +1 Legion. Serious post. [/quote] I have to say that I agree with this. I never thought Legion would ever attack anyone, so I am quite surprised. While I may not agree that the reason was
  4. [quote name='RandomInterrupt' timestamp='1317704837' post='2815719'] Sanctioned status is nothing compared to standing up for one's honor. I am not surprised this is a foreign concept to you. [/quote] [OOC]You know nothing of what or what is not any kind of a concept to me; any interaction you and I had was years ago. This is a thread concerning Legion's DoW against Tetris and up until now has had no personal attacks against anyone; it would be nice to continue in that vein. If you have a problem with my response to justavictim82's, then I guess it's on you.[/OOC] However, what I said is
  5. [quote name='justavictim82' timestamp='1317691182' post='2815232'] God don't you people think we blitzed early for a reason? Not like you will know why but there was definately a reason.. anyways good luck tetris/nso [/quote] So Legion's great plan was to lose their sanction before update? Hi Stormsend, Maverick! Sorry I moved the post but I was looking for this post to respond to. [size="1"]Edited by Jenny[/size]
  6. [quote name='The Pansy' timestamp='1317703794' post='2815680'] Congratulations on killing Legions Sanction in the quickest time known to Bob NSO. [/quote] Now that deserves a special plaque or something for the forum. Congrats, NSO! And happy fighting! [size="1"]Edited by Jenny[/size]
  7. You might visit...but you'll get no steak

  8. [quote name='pezstar' timestamp='1317686714' post='2815035'] I agree with you. For the first time in a very long time, someone has a thoroughly valid cause for war, and rather than getting praised for their actions in defending themselves, the derp squad is out in full force, mocking them. Tetris actually deserves to be raked over the coals for this one, but because it is currently fashionable to mock Legion (well, ok, that's been fashionable for years now), they are being mocked for doing exactly as every one of us would have done. [/quote] The only criticism I have leveled at them is: SIX
  9. [quote name='Stormsend' timestamp='1317685816' post='2815002'] I think it's more impressive that they had a thought all by themselves for the first time in... [/quote] Just for those of you thinking that Legion actually thought about what they are doing.... SIX HOURS BEFORE UPDATE?????? DERP. [size="1"]Edited by Jeff, a friend[/size]
  10. Derp of the day....of the hour....of the year....Are you kidding me? SIX HOURS BEFORE UPDATE????? Nothing like allowing your target to prepare. Way to go Legion....good luck with this. [size="1"]Edited by Jeff, a friend[/size]
  11. All of you congratng one or the othr alianc, what is that for? Ther is nothng to celebrat when two frends go don seprat paths. I dont lik this dongrad; no one in our alianc dos. No one (at lest that I hav herd) in Invicta liks this ethr. But I am sur our frendshp will surviv this disagrment; we will be ther to help them if they ned it, dongrad or not.
  12. [quote name='Kalasin' timestamp='1314872290' post='2792140'] So let me get this straight. Back in Karma every single of your allies (to my knowledge) cancels on you except Invicta, including TPF. Invicta alone honours their treaty and comes out of Karma as NPO’s closest ally. You didn’t really care about them prior to Karma, they were just another of your allies who then turned out to be the only ones who would stick by you. In the months that follow you’re not allowed to sign a treaty according to surrender terms but Invicta stay close to you when nobody else will. When you eventually come o
  13. [quote name='Ardus' timestamp='1308897979' post='2740226'] Nobody's taking on anybody one-on-one so y'all might as well drop the tough guy routines. [/quote] Actually Ardus, Muddog and one nation from Valhalla are fighting one-on-one in 30 days, barring any war that may come up. Time for reading glasses, my friend. [size="1"]Edited by Sharon, nurse[/size]
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