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Two Packs of Wolves and the Dragons

AL Bundy

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Two Packs of Wolves and the Dragons

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Winter has come again, the environment has become extreme, prey is scarce, and most of Planet Bob lies dormant, while the true enemy is in the far North.

The Two Packs of the North, alongside the Dragons from the East, continue to survive and remain restless.

As the enemy too grows restless and descends upon the Realms of men, the Wolves and Dragons do hereby re-declare their following pact:

Article I - Respect Between Realms

Wolves and dragons may be ferocious, but they are also wise. They do not waste time fighting each other when, together, they can feast on sheep. Both Realms agree to not commit any acts of aggression against one another and to respect one another’s territory.

Article II – The Horn of Winter

Mead and coin shall be shared between Realms, as shall whispers from Lands Beyond that involve the other. If one Realm finds itself in a fight, whether it be aggressive or defensive, they can signal for assistance. If the other’s forces are nearby, they are encouraged, but not obligated, to assist.

Article III – Because Death is the Enemy

If either pack finds cooperation with the other to be no longer sustainable, they can cancel the agreement immediately by notifying the other privately or announcing it publicly.

Signed for the Freehold of The Wolves,

The Triarchy

Signed for Alpha Wolves,

Malakarlian- King of the Wolves
Al Bundy- Hand of the King

Admiral Alexander- Captain of the Guards

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