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A question for artists

Alonso Quixano

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I am looking for someone to design or create a flag for my, and my alliance. We don't have any experience with anything related to graphic design, though we do wish to have a flag for our alliance. We can pay in tech, or if you are so inclined to help out a new alliance, we wont begrudge you if you'd like to do it out of the kindness of your hearts. Contact me in-game for the price (we really only have tech to send as payment, not cash).


You may message me in-game, or here if you'd like to create a flag, and we can turn it into a contest, a favorite by the peanuts, and a favorite by our alliance. Or if you know someone who may be interested in doing some fun work, with little restrictions to creative ability, and they don't frequent these forms, please direct me to them, thank you very much. 




* Google Obey Propaganda 


* Have fun

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I'll pass this along to the Pacifican Media Core, see if any are interested in taking a crack at it.

While I'm posting, and on the topic of tech, if you and your alliance are looking for reliable tech buyers, the NPO is willing to buy all you can sell & run all the logistics as well. Just send me a PM if you are interested.

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