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Another kaskus cancellation

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As of now, the ODAP Treaty between Biocorp And Kaskus has been cancelled,
We thank Biocorp for the good times, but the time has come to where we feel we cant commit to each other as such.

We wish Biocorp the best and hope that we will stay friends well into the future.

We also cancel our protection of the PROIS AA as well.[/center]


The Doctor: Lord Caparo
The Master: Suryanto Tan
Davros: Lord Bitburg
Missionary: Isaac MatthewII
Seargent: Marzarian

Sigelopisan, Black Orchid, gantanX, Jeff123 and Collegekid13

Edited by Lord Caparo
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[quote name='ChesterStevensDevonn' timestamp='1345403300' post='3023516']
hmmm yeah you guys should just cancel all ur treties then become neutral its seriously the way to go
To tell the truth this is probably the way to go, you guys are some tough fighters! That GOONS and DH event was fantastic.

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