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A group of cardinals stood gathered around his bed. The time was almost here; soon, he would go to the house of the Father. They prayed neither for the salvation of his life on earth nor in heaven. Instead, they prayed that God's will be done and that the world would move forward with what He had in store. After some time, the attending physician checked his vitals one last time, then gave the nod to the Cardinal Camerlengo, Mauro Piacenza. The Camerlengo walked up to the body, and with a small silver hammer, he called out three times his baptismal name, "Giovanni." After silence, he turned to the cardinals and pronounced to the Master of Papal Liturgical Celebrations, and of the Cleric Prelates, Secretary and Chancellor of the Apostolic Camera, "I thus declare the death of the Holy Father, Pope Pius XV." As the cardinals shuffled, the Camerlengo swiftly and smoothly took possession of the Pope's Ring of the Fisherman.

As the news of the pope's death reached the Dean of the College of Cardinals, Cardinal Angelo Scola, he sent news to the world that the Bishop of Rome had passed on from life. His body would be laid in state for six days in St. Peter's Basilica, after which Cardinal Dean Scola would conduct the funeral. All Catholics, Christians, and people were invited to pay their respects. In addition, all Cardinals around the world under the age of 80 were called to participate in the conclave, which would occur a few days after the requiem mass.

In addition to the new of the death, the Vatican announced that the Athenian Federation would allow the Catholic Church the land that had been the Vatican City. The next pope will inherit the Holy See in addition to the cathedra of Rome.


OOC: You may post your head of state, faithful pilgrims, etc. visits here. Funeral will take place sometime tomorrow afternoon. In addition, you may send your cardinals and influence the election of the next pope.

EDIT: Also, yes, I got permission from Cent.

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As the news went around the world, faithful Vicidalians[sup]1[/sup] and Croats mourned over the death of Pius XV. The flags were at half-mast and people gathered in the streets to pray for the soul of Gods former plenipotentiary in this world, who had now been recalled by the Father. The churches all over Croatia showed the flag of the Holy Seal, as well as a black flag and the pious gathered within them to lit candles. The Vicidalian Army in Peru decided to make a break, to mourn over the loss of the Pope and fired a salvo in his honour, before marching again, after the 8 hours of break.

[i]A Croatian flag in Karlovac. On order of Ban Milan, all flags are on half-mast.[/i][/center]

To attent the conclave, Cardinal Charles Albert Amaury and Cardinal Stefan Velankovic immediatly prepared for a depature to the Sistine Chapel.

Letters, expressing their condolences and personal piety, arrived from many somewhat known persons, as Ban Milan of Croatia (together with a bouquet of flowers), Louise Françoise de Vicidalia, Henrietta de Vicidalia, Dalian de Vicidalia, Lieselotte de Nouvelle-Bezier, Lisette de Nouvelle-Bezier and Charlotte de Nouvelle-Châteaudun, who also had sent 20 kg of frankincense.

[b]OOC:[/b] Yay, a Vatican.

[sup]1[/sup]About 98% of the Vicidalians in exile are catholics (about a 99.9% are reactionaries). This applies to them, and to whomever Lynneth lets mourn. And I have permission to RP the Vicidalians in Peru from Patrick.

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OOC: This would be correct, KingChris has permission to rp the Vatican.


"The Western Athenian Federation mourns the death of the former pope but is also pleased to see the church rise to a higher level of independence. As always the Hellenic Army will protect the sovereignty of the Vatican City and the Western Emperor shall go there to pay his respects."

As a large wave of pilgrims and other people were expected the security would understandably be quite high in Rome, guarantees were made through checkpoints and such that there would be no attempts to attack either the Vatican or the officials in Rome.

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[i]"Such sorrowful news, the Holy Father is dead. Perhaps it's time we reopen diplomatic relations with the Holy See once again"[/i] said Julia as she heard the news of Pope Pius XV's death. Fortunately, she was in the middle of a discussion with former Ambassador Ollanta Humala of the Peruvian Republic. [i]"You said you wished to prove your loyalty to the Imperium? Why not prove it now. Attend the Holy Fathers funeral and establish our relations with Rome. Go now."[/i]

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A hundred average-quality cannabis plants are sent by Prussia, along with an oversized [url="[img]http://www.makeyousmile.net/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/blasphemy_ymca.jpg[/img]"]poster[/url] and an unsigned note reading "[i]So you can get pissed off and then relax or relax and then laugh. Your choice. Our condolences and all that good stuff.[/i]

"Was that a good idea?" Foreign Minister Ludvig Mikaelsson asked as the shipment was prepared for delivery. "Sending pot to the College of Cardinals?"
"It might be funny. Besides, what're they gonna do, smite me?" Alaric said with a sarcastic grin.

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"While not a catholic myself, I tend to respect the religion and its leaders, if not all of its members.
My condolences to those who see the pope as their spiritual liege."

In the Republic, those who were catholic - a majority of Vicidalians, and a large minority of the general population - mourned the death of the pope, though also awaiting the next one.

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The Pontiff of the Confederation of the Kuklos extends his sincerest condolences to the Roman Catholic community upon the death of his fellow Pontifex Maximus in Rome. He has sent a delegation from the Magisterium for the Administration of the Faith to the Vatican to attend the funeral.

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The body of the former Vicar of Christ had been dressed in the red papal vestments for some time and laid in the Clementine Hall of the Apostolic Palace for a short time, allowing for the private visitation of what had been Pope Pius XV. By him was a golden crucifix and a Paschal candle. The next day, the body was placed on a catafalque, and Camerlengo Piacenza sprinkled it three times with the holy waters of baptism, then incensed it thrice. The catafalque was carried to St. Peter's basilica, followed by a procession of bishops, monks, nuns, and the College of Cardinals, and there, it lay in state. The Camerlengo incensed it once more, then the basilica was open to the public for viewing.

On the sixth day of the Pope's death, the large mass out in St. Peter's Square awaited as inside, the Camerlengo crushed the Ring of St. Peter in front of the College. The Papal Gentlemen placed a white veil over the Pope's face and placed his body in a cypress coffin, which symbolized humility. The cypress coffin and the ring were placed in a lead coffin, which symbolized the tremendous work upon the Pope. Those coffins were then sealed in an elm coffin, which was traditionally the most expensive wood in Rome. The Gentlemen then carried out the coffin to the Square, and the College proceeded out of the Basilica to hold the funeral, led by Dean Scola.

Following the mass, the coffin was lifted one final time for the Square to see, then it was taken back into the basilica, with the cardinals following. Pius XV had not set any preferences for his funeral or internment, so the College placed his body into an elaborate sarcophagus instead of a simple grave like some of the predecessors had requested.

Some more days would be set for mourning. During the days after, the College of Cardinals would finally enter the conclave, and within the secrecy of the Sistine Chapel, they would elect the new successor to the seat of St. Peter.

OOC: At this point, if you wish, you may submit [i]papabili,[/i] cardinals who will be considered for the election. Should you want one of your cardinals to become the next pope, PM me the following tomorrow:

[quote]Name of Cardinal:
Age of Cardinal (must be under 80):
Nationality of Cardinal:
Papal Name if elected: [/quote]

After tomorrow, I will begin to hold the conclave, where you may RP as cardinals discussing with each other to determine who will lead the one billion Catholics next. However, any information that occurs within the conclave may not be leaked to sources outside the chapel.

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The fairly large Catholic population in California (large Irish population) would mourn the loss of the pope, President Colin Farren expressed his deepest condolences to Catholic believers worldwide and that the election of a new pope will be speedy while properly vetted.

"On the behalf of all Californians, we are sad to see the passing of Pope Pius XV from this world, but he is in a glorious place in the presence of God. We hope that Vatican will become a more independent and active guiding all Catholics worldwide in light of recent years." President Farren expressed in a public press release.

The Californian Dioceses of the Roman Catholic Church will be sending Cardinal Quinn Duthac and several bishops to the Vatican to observe election events.

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Obviously, a Cardinal is not a random representative of the Catholic church from one's nation. A Cardinal is, in fact, a man of The Church that is lucky enough to be given the special honor of being one of the most powerful men in the world. Some nations have no Cardinals, some nations have many Cardinals. Some nations are like Texas, and only have one Cardinal.
That man is Cardinal Wilson Cadoc Brendan Jones was a well known Cardinal within The Republic of Texas. He had helped raised a few million dollars, with the help of The Church, to cover the bills of several child cancer patients at MD Anderson in downtown Houston. He, three bishops, and 15 priests also blessed the site of the December terrorist attacks on the Texas Commerce Tower in Houston. Cardinal Jones held an early mass and then left for The Vatican. Other priests and a few bishops would later make their way to the Vatican in the anticipation of white smoke.

President Gates left a few hours later, leaving Vice President Denard in control of internal affairs while the president used his mobile command center in case anything "important" happened. He would make a journey to Rome to await the decision on who the next Pope would be.

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[quote name='Sigurd Odinnson' timestamp='1326244040' post='2897119']
The Confederation of Κυκλοι will dispatch Fr. Bernardus of the Abbey of the Holy Wounds with two brothers of his Order as representatives of the Faith to observe the events, if the Roman See will permit such.

Unfortunately, the conclave regulations set by the former pontiffs call for absolute secrecy of what happens inside the actual conclave. The representatives of the Confederation of Kukloi (assuming English-Greek transliteration) will only be able to watch for the smoke that comes after each election and note whether or not it's black (indicating no election) or white (indicating an election).

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Orthodox Catholic Archdiocese of Procinctia considers, even in death, “Pope” Pius XIII to be an ineffectual Austrian puppet antipope who did not represent God’s true Chruch.
~ Good riddance ~
May this heretic receive god’s infinite mercy.
Oh, give thanks to the LORD, for He is good!
For His mercy endures forever.

Orthodox Catholic Archdiocese of Procinctia
[i]Pacific Trans-Bering Presbyterium
Maxwell Anderson Archbishop of Saint Paul Island
Enrico Alexander Bishop of Shemya Island[/i]
Carrying with god’s will

Edited by Generalissimo
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[i]The twentieth day since Pius XV passed to eternity. With the Sistine Chapel completely sealed off from the rest of the world and purged of anyone who didn't have a right to be inside, Cardinal Angelo Soldano, the former Dean of the College of Cardinals and now ineligible to vote because of age, gave the following speech.[/i]

"My Cardinal Brothers,

You are all called together in order to elect the next worthy pontiff to succeed to the Holy Chair of Peter. At the conclusion of this sermon, the first ballot will be held, and you will cast your vote for whoever you believe will receive the grace of the Holy Spirit. Before you vote, keep in mind the current state of the Holy Roman Catholic Church.

In the most recent days, our church has faced a terrible shortage of priests and religious brothers and sisters. Since 1980, the number of priests in the world has dropped by 15,000. At this rate, churches will be forced to share priests. The new pope must find a way to raise that number again to serve the faithful Catholics in this world. Some have radically suggested that the celibacy requirement be removed, and others have said that women should be allowed to have some increased role in the Church, even if the next pope does not allow female ordination. However, many of you are more conservative and have cited alternatives.

The world is becoming more promiscuous day by day. With the effects of the sexual revolution still widely present today, many have turned to birth control and abortion, offenses against Paul VI's [i]Humanae Vitae[/i], which strictly forbids such acts. The world now requires a pontiff who will curb down these numbers and open the world's eyes to the beauty of chastity until marriage and the sanctity of life. This is an issue of the fate of the world.

Homosexuality is now a main force in society. Many have criticized our church for asking homosexuals to remain abstinent, even though we recognize that being homosexual in itself isn't a choice. However, all of you know that the Lord created the act of conjugation solely for a married man and woman for the purposes of creating love between the two and procreation. Not practicing abstinence when homosexual violates the purpose and thus contradicts the nature of the life God wills the world to lead. In addition, some of our young priests have begun to fall to such sins. Peter's next successor must resolve these issues and prevent the preachers of the world for following suit of those who have fallen to the temptations.

With these in mind, I pray to our loving Lord that He enlighten you all with the wisdom to choose our next pope well. In consideration of these issues, select our next leader. I have spoken to all of you personally, and the following of Cardinals have confirmed that they will accept the papacy if elected:

Cardinal Jones, the 74 year old Cardinal from Texas
Cardinal Amaury, the 78 year old French Cardinal from the Lunar Republic
Cardinal Wojtyla, the 62 year old Polish Cardinal from Australia
Cardinal Brady, the 68 year old Cardinal from Ireland
Cardinal Paasilinna, the 63 year old Cardinal from Finland
Dean of the College of Cardinals, Cardinal Scola, the 70 year old Cardinal from Milan.

May God be with you as you select one of these men or any other one of you to rise to the papacy."

OOC: PM me with who you vote for, either one of these characters or any other cardinal you'd like to create. Anyone may vote. A 2/3 majority is required for election. [b]The deadline is tomorrow at 6 PM game time.[/b]

The views of each of the cardinals listed, if you're interested:

Jones (Texas)

On redefining the priesthood

He would want to keep the priesthood the same as it is now. He would start programs and organizations to advertise the glory of being a priest.

-As far as marriage and the vow of poverty goes - priests would remain the same
-Priests would be encouraged to be in the public eye of their local communities more so that they can be better known throughout the community and help guide the community through difficult times

On condoms and birth control

Obviously, the church sees premarital sex as absolutely wrong; so the use of condoms and birth control with premarital sex would be seen absolutely wrong.

However marital sex is currently perfectly fine so long as the parents intend on having a child each time they have sex, thus meaning that they can't use condoms or birth control since it is preventing a life from forming. However, condoms and birth control do not end life, they are just a means of preventing an accidental pregnancy.

On homosexuality

Currently in the Catechism, homosexuality is recognized however the Church officials asks that homosexuals refrain from sex for the rest of their lives. They still can enter heaven. He would not change his stance and would be extremely similar to Benedict XVI in this aspect.

On the role of women in the Church

Women have the honor of becoming a nun in the Church. In no way would women priests be condoned. However women and girls would be encouraged to be altar servers just as boys are.

Amaury (Lunar Republic)

On redefining the priesthood

Altough not really redefining it, he would try to improve the education of priests and to reaffirm the churches grip on it. He won't end celibacy and if a priest faces accusations of having acted in a way shaming the catholic church, he would let them face trial and most likely purge them.

On condoms and birth control

He is strongly against abortion.

On homosexuality

Here he is of the opinion that homosexuality is not sinful per se, but homosexual acts are.

On the role of women in the Church

Women are also an essential part of the church and he thinks it is necessary to integrate them even more. He wouldn't outright ask for ordination of women, but as people already said before: Ordination does not make a person more likely to go to heaven and nothing forbids a woman to pray or to preach to the people. Women are essential to the Church and only by showing them this fact by honoring their deeds, one can hope to keep them.

In general, the greatest problem he sees will be the decline of the Catholic church in the face of paganism in the north. This is one of the worst times for Christianity and it shall be a reform towards spirituality and faith in the interior, as well as an active struggle, if not outright fight against the pagans in the exterior. Just as the Reformation showed the flaws of the church and triggered the Counter-Reformation, this also needs active counter-measures and if necessary, the Catholic Faith has to be carried over the Alps. He is rather friendly towards other christian communities and also tolerates other religions, but the paganism in Europe has to end, in his opinion. And if this means a new age of excommunication and crusades, so it shall be.

He hopes that with his work, monastic orders shall see a boom, with maybe even the creation of new ones. And it shall also be strongly encouraged for them to actively contribute to the community with more than prayers, as only by showing the people also this side of the Church, Catholicism can hope to last.

Wojtyla (Poland)

Look up Pope John Paul II

Brady (Ireland)

Look up Cardinal Sean Brady (he’s a bit more conservative than Pope John Paul II)

Paasilinna (Finland)

Look up Pope Benedict XVI (extremely conservative)

Scola (Vatican)

Very neutral, willing to make compromises on all current issues

Edited by KingChris
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At the conclusion of the first scrutiny, the ballots were opened and read aloud. The votes were counted, and the scrutineers determined that no candidate received the two-thirds majority required for election. The ballots were burned with straw, and the black smoke that came from burning the straw with the ballots rose through the chimney of the Sistine Chapel and out to the open air, letting the world know that no pope had yet been elected. The cardinals would be able to hear the groans of disappointment outside in St. Peter’s Square.

OOC: Thanks for voting guys. I’ve determined who the next pope will be, but the result shall come later.

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At the conclusion of the second scrutiny, the ballots were opened and read aloud. The votes were counted, and the scrutineers determined that no candidate received the two-thirds majority required for election. The ballots were burned with straw, and the black smoke that came from burning the straw with the ballots rose through the chimney of the Sistine Chapel and out to the open air, letting the world know that no pope had yet been elected. The cardinals would be able to hear the groans of disappointment outside in St. Peter’s Square.


[quote name='Rebel Virginia' timestamp='1326430702' post='2898556']
[color="#0000FF"]There is but one true Pope and his name is Bubba.[/color]

Oh Rebel, how I've missed you :laugh:

Edited by KingChris
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At the conclusion of the third scrutiny, the ballots were opened and read aloud. The votes were counted, and the scrutineers determined that no candidate received the two-thirds majority required for election. The ballots were burned with straw, and the black smoke that came from burning the straw with the ballots rose through the chimney of the Sistine Chapel and out to the open air, letting the world know that no pope had yet been elected. The cardinals would be able to hear the groans of disappointment outside in St. Peter’s Square.

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