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Joint Organization XIII - KoH Announcement

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This treaty is the result of a friendship that has been growing for quite some time now and that I am very pleased to announce. And yes, we realize that their flag looks like balls, that's so 6 months ago.

[quote][center]The Hyrule XIII Accords

I. Preamble
This treaty shall serve to promote the common interests and friendship between its signatories, Kingdom of Hyrule and Organization XIII.

II. Sovereignty
The signatories shall remain sovereign entities and in no way does this treaty impede such sovereignty, nor shall either signatory attempt to use this treaty to limit the sovereignty of the other.

III. Non-Aggression
The signatories pledge to peaceful relations with one another. Neither signatory shall commit acts of hostility, including but not limited to espionage, military aggression, or verbal abuse against the other signatory.

IV. Intelligence
Should either signatory receive intelligence that is relevant to the security of the other, they shall share such information without hesitation unless other treaties implications stand in the way.

V. Aid
Should either signatory my request assistance of the other signatory, the assistance is highly encouraged but in no way required and is limited to financially, or diplomatically.

VI. Termination
Should either signatory decide that this agreement no longer represents the best interests of their respective alliance, they may cancel this pact. In such event, notice must be provided to the other signatory in private, after which a seventy-two hour period will pass during which all articles of this agreement shall remain in effect.
Signed for Organization XIII[/b]
Shadow: Muddog

[b]For the Kingdom of Hyrule[/b]
His Royal Majesty, King Britishdude

Archduke, King Wilkinson
Duke of Foreign Affairs, Erikjsch
Duke of Defense, PrinceJeremyII
Duke of Economics, Caleb
Duke of Internal Affairs, Solomon Frost


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[quote name='The Trail' timestamp='1303263647' post='2694161']
I hope this increases the amount of balls KOH has. (Someone had to make that joke :smug:


Yeah, I mean all we did for our allies was take on 3 alliances on an optional treaty basis and nearly have a 4th brought in against us. I can see where you're coming from though. :wub:

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[quote name='Keve69' timestamp='1303343259' post='2694963']
Crap, I'm 24 hours late to tell you guys that your flag has a set of balls!

Oh well doesn't change the facts, it's still got some...

:,( Before long your not even going to be reminding us, than how will we know?

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[quote name='Muddog' timestamp='1303345340' post='2695003']
:,( Before long your not even going to be reminding us, than how will we know?

Oh man, you underestimate my commitment...

I'll be reminding the world your flag has a sack until the world ends!

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