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  1. Guess it had to happen, I totally agree with Junka, NADC new home should be on brown team Also Congrats on getting peace
  2. Congratulation, you have done well! Sure you will do much more in the future
  3. I have been telling you this for a month
  4. This sums it up for me^ I had so many people that I wanted you to nuke for me
  5. I understand why you do this! But why did you do it? Also Good luck and happy fighting! /o Rebel /o Montezuma
  6. Junka, If we declare on SNX, do a round or 2, then we do a white-peace-surrender, will you then Please Please just leave us alone? I have only been back a little more then a month, but I am a broken man, I cant handle this continued stacking.
  7. FCA have surrendered, moving forward and fighting C0BRA & Kashmir LPCN need to fight the same war... Lets get that show on the road and close this thread and leave any stackers behind...
  8. I am petty sure that most here know that I would never have tried to keep FCA as minnions and if any one had tried to force me into breaking word in regards to the surrender I would have gone all the way to protect FCA. I agree that my post could have been more clear then it was. But I did promised them that we would work some thing out and I really take it as an personal insult that you try to spin it as anything else then an attempt to help the nations of FCA out of the trouble Lucius put them in! And peace wins the day o/LPCN o/Monsters Inc o/FCA
  9. We was just about to give white peace! So I dont see that change much, and at no point did we ever want do anything to you or force you. But LPCN leadership (not just Methrage) is the people who will decide, But if you dont surrender now I do know what will happend. And just to make Junka happy to! Fine they can use their Nation Slogan: LPCN POW then we sit down and talk in private!
  10. Do you honourstly believe that the deserve the benefit of doubt?
  11. Then now is the time to post a full and unconditional surrender. You dont have much credibility left.
  12. The now is the time to show that you had no part in this and dont approve of it. Surrender and move to the Cobra AA and we will work some thing out, I give my word
  13. Got to ask! Lucius do you hate the nations in FCA?
  14. As long as you can get him to agree on taking a good beating and calling it a dual, I will also gladly be judge in case one of you 2 as.h.... start to hit below the belt
  15. No !@#$@#$ duals now you two When the war is over you beat each other up as much as you like! Any way who the $%&@ duals in the middle of a war?
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