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CN has entered my dreams




Last night I slept on the couch. It was one of those times when you don't notice you're falling asleep and the dream felt so realistic that I had one of those "oh right... it's not like that in reality. Damn." moments. It was a dream about me pretending to be a member of the NPO, except the NPO wasn't just pixels it was an actual organisation with an actual building and members conversing with each other.

I live next to a freeway and remember the days while it was in construction. It is a dual carriage freeway and for some reason, the NPO building was in the gap between lanes. It makes no sense now, but it had a fairly nice view anyway. It was a large building with a flat roof and had a vast interior space, with very little furniture and mostly white tile floors (or perhaps they were wooden, dreams tend to change things as they go along). Perhaps the best way to think of it would be like when you visit your rich friend's house and are that little bit surprised when it is significantly bigger than yours. It had high ceilings and seemingly a single room, with a bit of a receptionist's desk that was like one of those large bars you might find in a ritzy city tavern. The walls were white and some of the walls were painted red (fitting in with the red team theme). I do not recall many, if any Pacifica flags being flown, which was interesting. You just knew it was the NPO building.

I was greeted very politely on arrival. The whole time, the there was a feeling of fear that I may be discovered for not being a NPO member and having to face embarrassment, yet I played along and was treated very politely by the people there. The receptionist (a large male) was nice and handed me a red glassy badge in the shape of a shield. It was red and black and had in metal letters "peace, strength, prosperity" embossed on it. The immediate thought at the time was "wow, these are cool and these people are dedicated. We should do this at MCXA!" To the edge of this room was a plasma TV and about 20 adults, sitting cross-legged like children, with a good posture, in not-so-strict rows, being attentive to what appeared to be a teacher standing next to the television. Most of the people were also Jewish for some reason (keep in mind 3/4 NPO Emperors have been Jews). Like the receptionist, they were all very polite and kind. But I was running out of time and had to return to the MCXA, but was shown to some sort of subway before waking up.

I don't know what to think about this dream. Perhaps it gave me some nice interior decorating ideas for a rumpus room and perhaps an interesting personification of the pixels we cherish. But I do know that Cyber Nations, which has been a part of my life for a number of years has produced screen-burn within my brain. Ah, the price we pay for enjoyment.



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It was a dream about me pretending to be a member of the NPO, except the NPO wasn't just pixels it was an actual organisation with an actual building and members conversing with each other.

It wasn't a dream. Be afraid, be very afraid....

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I dreamed that CN was hacked. He reset everyone's nation to 1.00 infra, population, 1 land and 1 technology. No money and everything you did to your nation was gone. Everything was reset. The admin said he would fix it. lol

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I've had plenty of CN-related dreams. Some of them involve dreaming about IRC and forums, some of them take place in a world where CN is real. I had one last week that involved a parade at a treaty announcement.

I dream a lot though. If I go a week without remembering one, it's weird, and most of them are rather complicated with intricate plots. The odd CN dream isn't that surprising.

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My problem is day dreaming about CN. I think I've had an actual dream on CN once.

Also Delta, I'm the exact opposite of you, If I can remember a dream more than once in two months, its weird for me.

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