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Oh, how we have made idiots of ourselves




A brief history of video-making throughout the years

I love the dedication of the people who are a part of this online community.

Most alliances will pay for hosting, some will pay for flags, many will spend countless hours losing sleep on some crazy new idea they want to implement to improve their experience of this game. Heck, even Valhalla (and I'm sure a few other alliances) have had real-life get togethers, drawing people in from all over the United States and even abroad. By no means, do I intend to insult the dedication of some CN players, for I've my fair share of these things. But every now and then there is this other side, where we feel we must hastily put together a game-related video, some hilarious, some mediocre, some to be remembered and some that we just love, period.

Perhaps I'll start with one I've mentioned on the OWF before, the Bollywood (although later revealed to be Tamil, and hence not Bollywood) portrayal of the history of Cyber Nations:

The music in that video is fantastic, making it by far the most popular CN video ever. But later down the line, we came across some other, more emotional videos. You may remember this guy...

If there are seriously people like this out there, then I can have a massive ego boost being in Government of an alliance. Absolutely amazing, or really good acting. At times, I get the feeling this could be Trotsky's Revenge pulling off a good act, but this guy seems to lisp more. Nonetheless, if you ever doubt how much people enjoy this game, just watch that clip. /rant

But not all videos involve anxious people with severely untrendy eyewear. Perhaps the following video is one we all remember and perhaps can relate to:

But then, we have the DoWs. I could post up SuperCoolYellow's video from the eve of the Karma War, although I believe the following to be a bit more sincere and serious. Perhaps the way video DoWs should be done.

Yet I find the following from the New Sith Order to be more entertaining.


A suit (with a feather hat?), clear resolution, a prepared speech and a swig of Jack Daniel's halfway through. I love it.

So citizens of Bob, whatever you do, don't put down your cameras. The classic moments of this game will continue and be immortalized through the wonders of YouTube. Sure, you may look back on yourself wondering why on Earth you would do such a thing, but remember how much fun you had making it and how much enjoyment you bring to others watching it.



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