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Hair Stylin'




I'm here because I'd like to know how you guys style your hair. I tend to prefer a high and tight look, and I'm thinking about shaving it for the summer. Anyways we've all had bad haircuts too. Here's some I posted on TPF's forums and if you guys are wondering why the folks in #tpf on IRC have been giving me a hard time about my haircut, here's why:



The lady who was cutting my hair messed up. She used the wrong razor and it took off too much. I was so upset, I didn't tip her. We've all had bad hair cuts, some worse than others so I didn't feel too bad. I used my gf's mascara to cover it up. When she asked me what happened to it, since it was all dull, I confessed to it. She wasn't happy about it, but oh well. It was either that or shave it all off and look more stupid than I usually do. :P

So this time I went back to another place that was cheaper and didn't mess up.


And that's how my hair usually looks. I got this haircut on Friday. I'm happy with it. Anyways, just to keep things on the light side, how do you usually style your hair? And if you style your hair long, and you're a guy, how do you stand it!? :blink:

I ask that you keep all comments respectful or I will delete them.

Also, I've a lot of studying to do (two big tests on Monday and another on Tuesday) so I'll have to catch up on this thread later. Have fun, keep it jokes. 8-)

Edit: Yes I did put that camera over my right eye on purpose. Irobot.



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I wish, lol.

With my hairline receding more rapidly every year, it's only a matter of time before I start shaving the whole works off :P

That's what I plan on doing when I get older.

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Well I dont know. With your turbin long hair may be difficult. What I do is keep it about right below my ears and at my eyebrows on the front. I then push the hair infront of my eyes to the left to keep it out of the way.

<3 Joss

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I've had a brushcut (with a couple of short periods of slightly longer hair) from 1982 until very recently.

Since I'm now 44, don't have grey hair and haven't experienced any hair loss, I've decided to let it grow for a while. I figure I'll let it go until my wife starts talking divorce.

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Whenever I get it cut, I cut it really short, as soon as it gets long(to an extent) I tend to part it down the middle.(just to keep it looking a bit neat.) If it starts to get a bit annoying, Cut. Rinse and repeat.

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