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New Kronos Government

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My back hurts from trying to push a boulder up a hill and never quite reaching the top so I'll make this quick; Kronos's new government is as follows:

Patriarch: Noj
Harbinger of Light: MaddHatter
Harbinger of Prosperity: Emperer Fung Shway
Harbinger of War: Lazarus Long
Harbinger of Erectile Dysfunction: Mayzie

One may notice some surprise names in there, but all have great abilities to do their job. To someone familiar with our alliance, one may even notice that Laz is being held over from the previous government. As I want to promote transparency between Kronos and the rest of CN, I will give reasons for this upfront instead of allowing you to guess: he was uninvolved in the joke entirely and he did a fantastic job trying to mend relations between Kronos and Valhalla while I was unavailable. If you need more information than that, [url=http://forums.cn-kronos.com/index.php?showforum=5]please apply for a diplomatic mask on forum and ask.[/url]

Other notes: Valhalla did not need to approve our government and they are not forcing us to make this post. I do, however, have an unhealthy case of Valhallan fever that can only be cured with more cowbell. And more Valhallan bromance.

If you have any questions, I will be back at bud's nation trying to drink some water from a pond.

Edit: Forgot myself and Mayzie. Sorry, Mayzie. Please don't use your hammer defunctions on me.

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Mayzie is epic awesome. I remember this one time I had to work with Mayz on some aid issue between 1TF and TOOL. I found the exchange to be humorous, but very much effective. :awesome:

Also, I heard Liz left you. :laugh:

Congrats on the new govie, Kronos. I shall make sure to export a few extra crates of Uralican gingerbread to Kronos nations come Christmas. o/

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[quote name='Neo Uruk' date='16 July 2010 - 09:34 PM' timestamp='1279330475' post='2375309']
Hail the Valhalla-approved gov. Wait, that wasn't supposed to be public? Whoops!

Seriously though, congrats.
back to your hole you

[quote name='Masterof9puppets' date='16 July 2010 - 09:37 PM' timestamp='1279330637' post='2375316']
It's lacking in Visa :(
I will concur

glad we could help with this selection and dont forget to put your strings on LL

Seriously though a very fine looking gov there kronos one that will lead you on to even greater accomplishments

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