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The Last King of Scotland

Proxian Empire

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The room stank of blood and disease. King Douglas had been coughing for what seemed like an eternity, unable to properly speak, unable to determine who he was. This plague like disease had spred across the entirety of the island of Great Britain, instantly killing some while slowing draining the life from others. King Douglas was one of the unfortunate who suffered from the latter, and even the best doctors could do little but alleviate the pain. The king's closest advisors stood around his death bed as they had been summoned by Queen Violet.

Everyone was silent save for the occasional cough. "I've never seen anything like this," one voice muttered sadly. The King had no children. He had lived his life for his country, rarely having time for personal matters such as his wife. The Queen did love him, but for whatever reason they had been unable to produce an heir.

The King had been given a pen to write his final wishes, following the doctor's assessment that he had but hours to live.

As the King scribbled, the advisors became very tense. Due to required authorisation from the King, Scotland had been unable to adequately request aid from allied nations in this time of rampant disease. The little work that had been accomplished was the closure of airports, effectively placing Scotland in quarantine from the rest of the world.

This did not stop the government from hearing about the treacherous manipulations of the French. They had stolen Iberian lands in their lust for power; the advisors could not help but think the King had seriously misplaced his trust in the French Empress. Significant territory had been ceded to the French, ranging from the entirety of the historical France to the Basque Region as well. Unable to communicate with the King, the government remained silent as France ruthlessly attacked allied nations of the Western European Union.

Such mistakes could not be allowed to occur again. The Scottish trusted their King, but such predicaments made the monarchy appear to be a particularly ineffective means of governing.

Feebly, the King lifted the paper and handed it to his wife. Taking a breath, the Queen paused before reading the note aloud.

"I wish to formally end the Kingdom of Scotland. Let a Republic be born, so that my people may speak with their true voice. Farewell."


Within hours of the King's death, his wish became reality. Acting as the temporary head of state before elections could take place, the Queen immediately requested the French cease their invasion of Iberia. Valencia and Galicia were to be returned as protectorates of the Western European Union, and were formally claimed as property of the WEU. Not of France.

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OOC Damn you to hell KP.. i was quite excited I might get Britain/England, was even willing to give up my Imperium :(

Emperor Bonaparte, whilst never on good terms with the late King expresses his condolances for the Scottish people and its royal family.

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The Sicilian League sends its condolences to the Queen and people of Scotland. The passing of a leader, particularly one as devoted to his nation as King Douglass, is always a difficult time for a nation. It is our hope that the Queen can effectively guide her nation through this time of trouble and effectively oversee the necessary changes that will allow Scotland to make a positive contribution to the global community.

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(OOC - Oh, hello KP it's been awhile since I spoke to you; how are you doing? Also If Britain ever opened up I would opportunistically re-roll there. Sorry Zoot :P)

[b]President Moshum[/b]
[i]"It is saddening to see the last King of Scotland pass away, Scotland has my condolences. Albeit I never met the man personally, he did make a mark in history-books for Europeans throughout the world."[/i]

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[b]To: HRH, The Queen of Scotland, Interim Head of State
Fromt: HIH Therese I, Empress of France[/b]

[i]Your Highness,

The death of the King of Scotland, your Husband meets with a grief stricken France and I am eternally sorry for your loss, while I do not know what it is like to lose a husband, I can only imagine the pain that you feel is nothing that I could ever hope to comprehend. In spite of this, though I know the recent events both at home and abroad have weighed heavy on your heart, the political changes that Europe has entered in the past few months would require Scotland's immediate attention as well as my own. Therefore I would like to invite you to Versailles and perhaps we will be able to discuss the recent upheavals in Western Europe like civilized beings that we no doubt are. I look forward to your arrival Highness and with utter respect to the Scottish people as you were indeed those who granted Aquitaine the ability to prosper in the first place.

I await your response and arrival in haste.


Therese Zelle[/i]
[b]Empress of France[/b]

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The Queen gratiously sent replies thanking those who had offered condolences in her time of grief. Her gratitude was most sincere, as she had lived with the King for most of his life.

Following the funeral, Queen Violet felt the need to take the place of her husband and fulfil his wishes. Uncertainty swelled through her mind as she had never directed anything before, not because she had not been permitted to but rather because she had faith in Douglas' judgements.

His final request had been to create a republic. Despite this, the Queen was reluctant to simply forfeit the monarchy after centuries of history. Gathering Douglas' former advisors, they discussed how to address the coming elections. There was a degree of disagreement of how to accomplish the last request of their deceased King, with some favouring the republic outright to others prefering the historical constitutional monarchy from the United Kingdom of old.

Following the meeting, certain advisors went their own way to rally support for their particular dreams for the country. Elections were to be held within the next few days. For this reason, Queen Violet was unable to sleep as she dreaded what sort of fate may await the country without her beloved King.

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Taeunas is deeply saddened by the passing of the King. In honor of him, and in light of the friendship between our nations, we offer our assistance. We would be willing to send advisors and observers if the Scottish wish it. We have a vested intrest in the stability of the government of our closest neighbor and friend. We hope for peace and prosperity, in eternum, for Scotland.

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