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  1. Executive Minister

    World Map of CNRP2

    Hey guys, wipe me from the map please. Preferably a clean wipe so I can reuse the DoE if time opens up again. Will be too busy these next few months.
  2. Executive Minister

    GM Runoff Vote: A Good Day to Vote Hard

    Damn I'm late
  3. Executive Minister

    World Map of CNRP2

    Made the DoE. Call me the Cenafrik Conclave
  4. Executive Minister

    The Old King is Dead, Long Live the Beast

    Horns from Hell   20XX, the Citadel. Within the burnt out halls of the once hallowed cathedral men gathered to decided their fates. For forty years a reign of chaos ruled over the apocalypse striken wasteland. A garden of eden in the heart of Afrika desecrated by an age of war.   Now, the overmighty clans gathered to seek a new ruler. Africa would no longer bow to squalor and a silent fate. The time has come for the clans to unite - a new order has begun. But who would be wise enough, smart enough, tough enough to seek out and rule the many enemies of progress throughout the wastes?   Hakunin was fast, his knife faster. His opponent was slow, yet unrelenting. A mountain, a stonewall. He fights with no weapons, save for his gauntlets.   A leader has many enemies both within and without. All search for any weakness. What better way to trial the best the clans offer than with fire? The two combatants dance a dance of death for the rest of those assembled in the great hall.   The knife swings wide, met with no parry. His opponent is wise, and does not fall for the feint attack.   Hakunin's history is a long one, stepped in glory. He can easily trace his ancestry back to right before the great war changed the world as we know it. But his enemy? Not a thing could be said about the lumbering man. His forces were among the strongest of those assembled at the gathering, amongst the most loyal.   The man lumbers forward, striking Hakunin as his blade's momentum takes him off balance but for a moment. The strike is intelligent, one of great finesse. Hakunin's great braids go wild, his mane thrashing in a dancing firelight. Stunned at his opponent's quick reprisal he pauses.   Hakunin is still for but a moment before striking, again and again. His blade cuts deep in several places, but his opponents defense is still coherent. Clamping down on his thrusting wrist with an armpit, the mountain smashes. Hakunin is struck, the clattering sounds of teeth striking the stone floor. The blows continue until he falls limp in his opponent's death grip.   With silence, Hakunin's body is allowed to drop to the floor. The echoes of the impact striking a contrast. The clans are silent, waiting for the killing blow to signal the reign of the new Warlord. Mighty men are envious of the winner.   But - it never came. Even as Hakunin's raspy coughs and hacking breaths reached the ears of the clans, the man paused, taking a moment to savour his victory. None could see what the masked man was feeling - only his eyes showed beneath the blasted visor of the scavenged helmet he wore.   "Clans, I stand upon the broken body of my enemy - Victorious! But not unscarred," his voice, a mighty barritone boomed for what many in the audience would say was their first time.   "I will not kill the warrior before me," he continued to surprised gaps from some, inquistive stares from others, "for Hakunin is a mighty warrior in his own right, who's glory commands obedience from the clans he has conquered."   Raising a gauntlet he continued, "When two mighty warriors stand side-by-side, no one dares challenge them. As your Gulakhan I will fight to unite the clans with Hakunin by my side. Should he betray me, he will fall just as well as any of you. As I stand in the hall where the bones of our ancestors lie - wasted and hellblasted - I swear this".   One by one, the clans swore fealty to the new Gulakhan - a warped title of the ancients held by the men and women of the wastes. Hakunin, struggling to rise as some of the women came to his aide, spat flecks of blood as he spoke.   "The old king, is dead," he rasped. "Long live, the beast!"   With that, the clans roared. Gulakhan Ashibaal nodded with approval. So !@#$@#$ metal.   Public Declaration to the World       All hail Gulakhan Ashibaal the Indomintable, the Beast, Warlord and Great Khan. Father of the Family of Families. Rider of Were-Hyenas. Conqueror of the Beastlords, Great Khans, Daughters of Hecate, Deaddogs, Iron Lines, Painted Rocks, Red Hounds and Tar Striders. Guardian-in-Chief of the Guardians of the Wastes, Sitter-in-Chief of the Citadel and Protector of the Scorned. Friend to the Hyena men, Brother of the Swansons,  and Finder of the Lost and the Damned.   Leading the Cenafrik Conclave, tracing his bloodline back to the greatest of the Azande warriors, the Gulakhan bids welcome to all outlanders friendly to the peoples of Africa. We do not take kindly to braggarts and charlatans - and are fast friends to allies and faster enemies to those that impinge on our rule.   The duty of all that fall under the Conclave's rule is honor the family, the ancestors, the Conclave and the Gulakhan. All citizens of the Conclave are treated as equals - the strong rule while the weak are destroyed - unless they are protected by the strong. The strong must protect the weak on pain of death. All things considered, all are free to do as they please in the Conclave, so long as they are metal as $%&@ while doing it.   We greet you warmly, with images of our culture and lifestyle. We seek our African brethren with arms wide open.   A family unit of the Conclave, complete with family pet   Mbembe Osolo, Foreign Minister and role model to Cenafrikan men and boys alike   Typical Cenafrikan taking an early start to the morning commute
  5. Executive Minister

    World Map of CNRP2

    Whoops my central African geography is not up to snuff. What he said good sir!
  6. Executive Minister

    CNRP2 OOC Thread

    Thank you kind sir
  7. Executive Minister

    World Map of CNRP2

    Would it be possible to grab South Sudan, the CAR and the DRC (whatever Great Lakes doesn't own if any at all)? Please name it with a question mark. Preferrably a dark red or burnt umber :P
  8. I might return to CNRP, I must be a sadomasochist...

  9. Executive Minister

    CNRP2 OOC Thread

    Which one is the cooler one?   EDIT: Sorry, more populous and livelier one.
  10. Executive Minister

    Selling Tech 3m/50

    Hello ladies,   Interested in selling tech. Send cash with the topic set to "3m/50 tech" to this nation. Post here to double confirm if you want.
  11. Executive Minister

    CNRP2 OOC Thread

    Why is there two OOC threads now?   I MAY be interested in creating a CNRP nation.
  12. Executive Minister

    CNRP OOC Thread

    I'm not going to start up a new thread so i'll just make it quick here.   In short - things are looking up around my place. Everything is happening so fast it feels like stuff's moving a mile a minute. I most definitely don't have time to maintain a nation such as the one I have any longer. This is probably not that much of a surprise to those of you that matter, but I figured saying goodbye to everyone would be much more classier than just letting things rot into 25 days.   I'd like to give a shout out to all the people that have come and gone during my time spent rping here. I won't name names, but you know who you are. We've had a hell of a run and i've made a couple friendships on the boards that 'you bet your shit' have made up for all the BS that goes on here. On that note, I think it'll be the BS that i'll miss the most. Toodles BS.   Had I left a year or so earlier, I might have overloaded all my nukes and spent my nation in a final ragequit-filled-bonanza-of-nuking-carnage that would have left those people in the annals of CNRP history famous for that stuff blushing. I think i've matured enough to get past that stage at least, and for that i'm grateful.   I'll be keeping an eye on how things develop here for as long as possible - heck, you might even see me in a few months once things stabilize over here, who knows. I will most definitely be keeping my nation, so that should keep you guys on your toes for at least a little while.   In any case, this is as much a goodbye as i'll ever make. Toodles.
  13. Executive Minister

    Request to community for doing a study on a new war system

    I would venture and say that 'idealized' defenses are just as guilty as those who seek to employ 'idealized' IADS counters. I doubt highly that if defenses were toned down people would shoot less missiles or technobabble their hardware less. As a prolific member of the community once said 'I RP my hardware to be the best'.   Now, an ideal air defense is not comprised of a single one trick pony. Just like your stealth aircraft and munitions cannot be one trick ponies or they die. If the issue is missile spam or wars that just seem to have both sides lobbing PGMs, CMs and other stand-off munitions at each other only to have both sides negate those weapons just the same, why not have actual combined arms attacks from both ground and air based units in conjunction with the ECM, ECCM and other countermeasures everyone with a competent RP army knows and loves? Yes, this will bring inevitable casualties, especially if the person with the IADS counters the combined arms attacks with his own ground forces. But hey - I'd rather RP about my soldiers actually being shot by the enemy and dieing rather than coming up with techno-excuses as to how my defenses shot down your pithy fusillade for the nth time.   People are too accustomed to the curbstomp wars we've seen time and time again. Going up against a competent or large adversary that knows a shred about what he's doing will never be that simple. Huge wiping SEAD/DEAD posts will NOT eliminate an IADs in a few posts alone. Desert Storm and Yugoslavia had relatively second world nations facing off outnumbered against superior forces and superior numbers - even then they required thousands of sorties and aircraft, in addition to ground forces that pressed the defensive lines to eliminate the threat. Are you people honestly expecting someone that can field better or on par forces against such an attack to crumble under one of the standard cookie cutter wave attacks against his defenses? Especially without the added pressure of enemy ground forces?   Modern IADS elements are highly specialized and cannot act as a complete defense alone. They complement one another and protect against key niches while other systems protect them, and vice versa. They are also mobile, and employ various low probability of intercept techniques much like the vaunted CNRP super-stealth aircraft. They are not perfect, but need a lot more work counter than just 'lob' x-amount of missiles here. Your missiles need to worry about surviving in their platforms against a defender's aircraft, then they need to worry about being intercepted mid-flight. Finally, they need to survive terminal defenses designed   Limiting shooters to aircraft or warships does only one thing - favour numbers in a war. It favours these big unwieldly blocs everyone seems fond of these days since no amount of build up or RP will ever circumvent the aircraft/ship numbers. Limiting missiles as a whole both on the offense and defense would be interesting, but should not allow people to be able to calculate just how many of his or her buddies to include in the war to ensure there are enough missiles on their side to effectively eliminate a defender's ability to defend at all.   Space rules EVERYONE must follow would be interesting to see.
  14. Executive Minister

    The Assassination of Rhianne Sidamo by the Coward Andrea Gloval

    OOC: You mentioned that depending on how our interaction following this meeting ends up, your response to my attack would be changed to be more detailed as fitting in a war post. I recommend we create a new thread - i'll do it. However, this does not mean I condone the magicking away of my attacks in a single sentence in any circumstances. Here's hoping our peace talks have fruit or else we're back to square one.
  15. Executive Minister

    World map of CNRP

    Algeria and Libya, along with Mauritania seem to be the only lands that had coalition forces engaging them if you want to bring the war's wipe into question. You can hardly contest the holdings closest to me without any boots on the ground, or those that are pristine AU territories outside your grasp.