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  1. Hey Lyn. If you could take the northernmost administrative province of Morocco and label it the Tangier Union, it'd be much appreciated. [url="http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=106648&pid=2844523&st=0&#entry2844523"]Link Here[/url]
  2. [quote name='Xiphosis' timestamp='1295661490' post='2590234'] VE was rolling anyway. The screens were gotten because I asked for them. Dajabo, given the position we both know NpO’s been in, you should’ve been more cautious. You shouldn’t have trusted Lennox. For everyone saying that’s ‘not enough’ - that more negotiations should’ve taken place – need to look through CN history. When the first or second in command is involved, there is never negotiation. Several alliances, big and small, have died for crimes committed by one or the other. No one complained then, and it’s the height of hypo
  3. [quote name='Azaghul' timestamp='1295660155' post='2590132'] Still doesn't explain why Dojobo would have taken the initiative to suggest MK or VE. [/quote] Sure, Dajobo suggested Mk or VE and Lennox chose VE. Now we have this information showing that Impero provided Lennox with information to give to NpO and I think we have a pretty good understanding of why Lennox chose to 'spy' on VE rather than MK.
  4. [quote name='TheNeverender' timestamp='1295660084' post='2590126'] Under that logic, every single war on Planet Bob is because the aggressor had an intent to go to war with the defender. No one has an action done to their alliance that causes them to go "WELP, I am now compelled to go to war with you. There is literally no other way to resolve this, and I am actually being forced by some strange power." You start a war because you want to. To imply otherwise is foolishness. [/quote] Indeed, VE started this war because they wanted to. My point was that this situation with Dajobo didnt ne
  5. [quote name='Azaghul' timestamp='1295659945' post='2590115'] 20:33 Chancy I should spy on MHA 20:33 Chancy Just to make them mad 20:33 Dajobo|NpO| nah they aren't the enemy 20:34 Dajobo|NpO| pick domeone worth spying on 20:35 Chancy Give me suggestions 20:36 Dajobo|NpO| VE or MK are the two who are heavily involved in world politics 20:36 Dajobo|NpO| anything that happens will come through them first Doesn't make a lot of sense is this was a VE set-up from the start. [/quote] Misdirection is a key element of espionage (and alliance politics for that matter)
  6. [quote name='TheNeverender' timestamp='1295659075' post='2590040'] Even [i]if[/i] Impero set up Polar, that doesn't change the fact that the conversations detailed in the initial DoW still happened. Dabjobo was rather naive and, frankly, a little stupid (Sorry bud, but it's true) and he was the second in command of Polar while making those grievous errors. Just because he may have been set up doesn't mean that he still took the actions he took when confronted with the situation. And, IIRC, it was those actions taken that motivated VE to war. [/quote] While I do agree with the first part
  7. [quote name='TypoNinja' timestamp='1295658151' post='2589955'] So you thought It'd be a good idea to publicly post information we're already rolling Polar for taking? Most people dumping spied info are usually smart enough to try and hide their identities. [/quote] The point that many people are taking from this is that the 'information' you are rolling Polar for is really a poorly concocted sham.
  8. [quote name='TypoNinja' timestamp='1295506132' post='2585735'] Holy !@#$. It just hit me. Rok just quite literally pulled the same stunt on us that Polar did to TOP and IRON. [/quote] Actually not at all. First off, you are giving NpO far too much credit if you buy in to the (far fetched) conspiracy theory that a grand plan existed to screw over TOP and IRON from the start of BiPolar. Second, if following a treaty is a 'stunt' then this world has truly lost all hope of salvation. I would raise the same question I raised when TOP and IRON did their thing, what did you honestly think would h
  9. Not bad Veneke, reminds me of the old days. Best of luck to y'all. PC better watch out, they're up a bunch of crazy s.o.b's now.
  10. [quote name='SiCkO' timestamp='1295502087' post='2585267'] MDoAP > MDAP bloc? interesting.... [/quote] The oA portion is irrelevant, the D part of the RoK-NpO Treaty was activated. Add in the fact that the NpO-RoK treaty was activated first and its not that complicated.
  11. I would wish you luck, but luck has very little to do with these things.
  12. [i]University of Malta, Msida[/i] Professor Ghabnera had been teaching political science at the University for a number of years and he had seen the island change hands more times than he could count. He had been a typical young revolutionary in his early years, but that was long ago and he had grown accustomed to the changing tides of politics in the Mediterranean. The revolutionary fervor was gone and he was well known in the community as someone who was more than willing to accommodate the Athenian regime. It had drawn a deal of criticism from students and a few faculty in the past few mo
  13. Guess who's back?

    1. Moufassa
    2. The FSM

      The FSM

      Some Scottish dude that no one likes apparantly :P

  14. SICILIAN SENATE RESOLUTION #00666 AN ACT OF DISSOLUTION The Senate of the Sicilian League, with the agreement of his eminence Jean D'Aosta, Steward of the Sicilian League, hereby dissolves the Sicilian League as an independent political entity and accepts the ramifications of the Athenian Imperial Announcement of a few days ago. All civil and military institutions are hereby instructed to assist the Athenian Government in making an effective transition of power. The Senate and Constitution of the Sicilian League are hereby dissolved. Furthermore the Athenian Federation is hereby declared
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