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A message from the New Auric Armada


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The Declaration of Existence of the New Auric Armada

As some of you may or may not remember, the New Auric Armada was an alliance built around a falling alliance and soon become a welcoming community where players of Cyber Nations could talk and have fun. It had it's ups and downs but it was a very proud alliance. After Lord Xehenniar's resignation of Chief Executive, things only went from bad to worse, protectorates were failing and it became difficult to gain new members and activity began to go downhill. Did this stop us from being the proud alliance we were? No, we kept doing our job and never gave up even in the most bleak of times. But eventually not even trying your hardest can save an alliance, that is why Nau had merged into the Crimson Auric Legion in October and the alliance Nau had met an abrupt and unpleasant demise of being forced to merge with so much inactivity on it's shoulders. So as of recently I have begun to dwell more and more on the day of the merge wishing I could just go back in time and take it back because it saddened me so much to see the Armada sink beneath me. So, with great pleasure I present to you the New Auric Armada

Who are we? Since before the 1900's the New Auric Armada was a well known band of pirates roaming the seas and take what is theirs. Throughout the years the New Auric Armada had slowly evolved into what is now the alliance that serve the people and will not let a single man fall without trying it's best to protect, the New Auric Armada also will achieve it's victory and become the strongest band of nations in CN and dominate above everyone else! We will not stop until all seas of the planet we call Bobs are under the supreme rule of the glory,strength and honor of the proud New Auric Armada!

We can be found here: http://thenewau.ipbfree.com/index.php?act=idx

If you wish to speak with us on IRC Join us at #Nau on Coldfront

I now present to you the Constitution of the New Auric Armada

Constitution of the

New Auric Armada



In order to unify ourselves and forge our path ahead, we now enact this Constitution in the name of the New Auric Armada to bring our nations together with strength and harmony. The founding of this unification of nations shall be in the political interest and support of all nations, for the betterment and growth of all nations, and the security and prosperity of all nations.

Article I: Right of Membership

Membership Application:

If you would like to be admitted to into the Auric Armada, you will be required to provide the following information about your nation.

Nation Name:

Ruler Name:

Link to Your Nation:

Nation Strength:

Previous Alliances:

Who Recruited You (if applicable):

Team[White team (Highly Encouraged)]:

Side notes you would like to add about yourself:

Nations at war or any nation seemingly unfit or untrustworthy will not be accepted into the Auric Armada.

Revoking of Membership:

All nations are welcome into the Auric Armada; however, any nation that does not follow the laws of the Constitution, disobeys orders, or acts against the will of the Auric Armada will be punished and/or banned from the alliance.

Article II: Order of Punishment:

1st offense: A single and first offense with breaking the rules will result in a warning.

2nd offense: A second offense following will result in a warning as well as a probation period in which the offender must follow through and show that he/she has learned their lesson.

3rd offense: A third offense will result in banning or ZI.

All offenses may be brought before a jury of your peers to dispute the legitimacy of such offenses, as in the cases of ZI and banning. If you are found not guilty the offense will be removed from your name along with any existing punishment. Any jury tampering is strictly forbidden an will result in an instant disqualification of a right to trial.

In serious cases of treason, cheating, or other greater causes, your nation may be liable to immediate banning/ZI upon the decision of the Council. In these situations, you may or may not be allowed a case before alliance court.

Article III: Responsibilities of Members

All members of the Auric Armada must follow these simple and basic guidelines to maintain their association and stature within the alliance.

I: All members must remain active among the community of the Auric Armada. we strongly urge all members to post and frequent the forums and visit our IRC channel at least once a day. Saving the Auric Armada website as a favorite will help make this easier. Members should respond to direct messages as quickly as possible and without delay excluding mass messages.

II: At all points in time, all members must belong to the Auric Armada alliance and no others. Freeloaders and double alliances will not be allowed.

III. All nations are responsible for answering the call for the defense of the Auric Armada through whichever way is required: militarily or economically.

IV: All members are required to respect the chain of command and listen to the leaders of the alliance, orders must be followed.

V: Under no circumstances will any member of the Auric Armada release tactical or otherwise classified information to any nation or member of any alliance, or even discuss such things with any outside source in the CN world. This is treason and will result in immediate banning or ZI.

Article IV: Government

all positions of Government (besides Chief Executives) are open to the public and may be taken by ordinary members of the alliance. These positions last forever until a member nation steps down or is relieved from their position. The number of positions for any non-director position of responsibility may vary as the alliance grows. Apply for positions under the appropriate section on the forums. Elected positions must be applied to prior to the voting period.

Chief Executives: The two Chief Executives and founders of the New Auric Armada will be the overseers of the alliance and will be responsible for the organization and protections of its members. These founding positions shall be permanent or until their positions are vacated, in which the remaining Executive will nominate a member in good standing.

Power: The chief executives have Absolute power. The decisions of the chief executives will have authority over the entire alliance and its departments. Chief Executives may also issue Executive Orders in an effort to maintain control and ensure proper efficiency of the alliance. Said Executive orders shall last for 3 months time. Executive orders can be renewed at any point in time of it’s life.Chief Executive shall also have ultimate authority over foreign matters and may override any decisions made by the Head of the Department of Foreign Affairs.

Departments and their functions:

Department of Defense: The department of defense shall organize and oversee all positions including officers and soldier nations, will maintain the military troops of the Auric Armada and assert the military chain of command so as to prepare the alliance for defense in a time of war. In times of war, the Department of Defense shall issue attack commands after first seeking approval of the Chief Executives.

Department of Internal Affairs:

The Department of Internal Affairs will be responsible for the internal structuring and maintaining of the alliance, the spreading of information to members of the alliance, the overseeing of forum moderation, and all internal communications between alliance members.

Department of Treasury: The Department of Finances will be responsible for the maintaining bank nations, the overseeing of the growth of nations, and the distribution of aid to nations within the alliance.

*The Department of Foreign Affairs will be controlled by both Chief Executives until all are other seats of the council are filled and stable

Department of Foreign Affairs:

The Department of Foreign Affairs will be responsible for all contact between the Auric Armada and other alliances through embassies, treaties, and private/public intra-alliance communications. In times of war the Department of Foreign Affairs shall work in tangent with the Department of Defense.

*The Department of Foreign Affairs will be controlled by both Chief Executives until all are other seats of the council are filled and stable

Article V: War and Defense

General Statutes of the Military:

The New Auric Armada shall in times of peace, be operated in a defensive manner. While in Defense, Then New Auric Armada will only defend a nation that has been attack unprovoked by its actions (i.e. wasn’t tech-raiding).

Under no circumstances are members of the Auric Armada to attack any nation without permission (see tech raiding). Permission for personal attacks against nations not in an alliance is allowed, but not against those which are. Attacks against member nations of the Auric Armada are not allowed, and doing so will result in immediate ZI.

Spies: The used of spies is counted as attacks against another nation. Spies are allowed but may only be used against nations of which tech raiding has been approved or to nations of an alliance of which the Auric Armada is at war with. Since this is a major offense, the use of spies in situations beyond these could result in immediate banning or ZI for the safety of the alliance’s sake as a whole.

Tech Raiding:Tech raiding is allowed, but all nations wishing to tech raid must get permission for every target they wish to attack. Tech raiding will only be allowed against non-aligned nations, and no red team nations may be attacked. The Auric Armada is not responsible for the losses of nations in tech raiding, but will assist in the ending of any conflicts started by the member if is deemed necessary.

Nuclear Weapons: Nuclear weapons are allowed, but may only be purchased with the prior approval of the Chief Executives, which may limit the number of weapons a single nation is allowed to own. Nuclear weapons can be used, but permission must be acquired from the Chief Executives to use them. If you have been attacked by nuclear weapons, you may respond with a similar nuclear defensive attack, but you must report this as well.

Any nation ordered to attack by a higher ranking military officer or government official must oblige and follow commands without question. The Auric Armada will do its best to repay all losses in such attacks. Failure to follow any such order will result in an offense and possible additional consequences. Surrendering is not an option. If you are told to fight, you will continue to do so no matter the cost. You may not make peace deals with other alliances, this is a major offense.

If an enemy nation offers to surrender, you must report such an occurrence to the proper department and ceace attacks until the surrender has been approved or denyed. If the enemy surrender is not approved, you must resume the attacks. You may not make secret peace/surrender deals and terms for the personal gain of your nation as it is a serious offense.

Article VI: Oath of constituents

As a member of the Auric Armada I pledge to follow the laws and decisions of the Council and Chief Executives, whoever they may be. I promise that I shall defend the New Auric Armada in times of war and that I will follow all orders as given, remaining loyal to the alliance at all times. I will uphold the Constitution of the alliance, and pursue its rules in all aspects of Cyber Nations for the betterment and security of the Auric Armada and all of its members.

Article VII: Laws and Amendments

Enacted Laws:

Enacted Amendments:

Amendments will be added in their appropriate places in the constitution as well in ITALICS.


Sasuke, Chief Executive

Lirrer, Chief Executive

Edited by Sasuke98
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I swore you failed at creating your own alliance.

Anyways, good luck. You have the community, the people around you that you wish to have in your community and that is all that matters.

No it's really not all that matters. Because even with all of those you can still suck.

But whatever...

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