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OOC: The future

Razgriz 2K9

The Future of yuktobania (and possibly me in CNRP)  

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At this stage of the game, I've come to the realization that the current politics of CNRP have become more or less not so appealing to me at it's current state. I like to RP and I like the game and my achievements so far (despite me having no significant achievements to really say about), but right now I'm not so sure what I plan to do if I stay as I am, or even if I reroll like several other people. :( I know this may sound like a stupid question, and it probably is, but I don't know what I plan on doing in the future, and I want the people of CNRP to decide my fate.

So, what do you think?

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Truth be told, it's hard to make new RP's, the only RP I havent tried was a war with another nation, but that's just suicide with all the fancy WMD's and allies you guys have.

Hence the re-roll option. ;)

For when you have been rolled.

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Its nice to have more RP'ers and the such, and I'm not saying your a bad RP'er (quite the contrary, IMO), yet not only should you make the choice yourself in the end, but you must make the choice if CNRP is really worth the time and effort; if you want to have fun with the good people here and not neccessarily RP with them IC, then there is the IRC channel for that.

I voted the third option for another reason: if your not sure of why you are here, then why are you still here? The people? IRC for that, and the National RP is for that (I for one never venture out of this forum area, so I would not suggest the water cool to talk with those here). Their RP's? Then you can read if you wish to enjoy their RP's but not necessarily go thought the effort to make a nation and the such; perhaps make a character, maybe an IC internet-based one? :awesome::P [Editor's note: I had a good paragraph going, but then I wrote the below in the middle of it. D: The 'final' reason is below.]

Don't get bogged down to stay over what these people are saying though. If you are like the rest of us and have other things you could be doing (games, learning, internet surfing, hanging out with friends more, go on other RP boards, etc), then go do them! If you feel you have other things you could be doing, or your just tired by the way things are here, once again go do it! Its one of the reasons why I am now a more relaxed, traditional RP'er whom does not RP often because of other RL activities.

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I say: You should stay. Perhaps think of new RPs to do, or if you really run out of ideas, reroll.

But I wouldn't like to see you leave.

I gave it some thought, and after listening to suggestions from everyone, I've decided to stay as Yuktobania for now. I think I can still do something, I just need to figure out what.....and how with my somewhat limited resources from IG.

Happy you're staying as it was also my vote :)

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After listening to what others had to stay, I've made my decision.....I'm going to stay as Yuktobania....

Now my only problem is....how to kill the polls?

What do you mean kill the polls?

Do you mean end this one? Simple...ask a mod to close the topic... :P

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