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Rubber Duckies spotted frolicking in the North Atlantic

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The alliances of Rubber Ducky Division and North Atlantic Defense Coalition have always had mutual friends and share many of the same values and views. Given the commonalities of the two alliances this document is a natural progression of their relationship. Presented here is an Optional Defense Pact between Rubber Ducky Division and North Atlantic Defense Coalition, from this day forward to be known as The North Atlantic Duckie Compact. Throughout this article Rubber Ducky Division shall be referred to as RDD and North Atlantic Defense

Coalition as NADC.


The North Atlantic Duckie Compact

Article I:


RDD and NADC agree to maintain a state of non-aggression with one another. They shall not conspire and/or commit acts considered espionage against the other. The signatories will not give any form of aid or assistance, financial, military or intelligence, to any alliance or individual who has committed any act(s) of aggression against the other. Both alliances agree to refill the tub with fresh bubbles if they are the last one to use it.


Article II:


The signatory alliances shall remain independent and sovereign entities and therefore agree to not interfere in the affairs, neither public nor private, of the other. Either signatory may request assistance in any capacity, at any time, from the others Foreign Affairs Department. The members of the signatories shall be polite and respectful to each other, both in public and private. If any disputes should arise they agree to settle such disputes privately and through proper government channels. The party found to be in error shall be responsible for providing both alliances with ducky shaped cookies, Holy Cupcakes and punch.


Article III:


RDD and NADC agree to share any and all information that may present a threat, militarily or otherwise, to either alliance. RDD agrees to share its Super Top Seekret Quack Code with NADC. Any and all information provided shall be kept confidential unless the party providing said information consents to making their identity public.


Article IV:


Should either alliance find themselves in need of aid, financial, military or any other form, they may request such aid from the other. Other forms of AID may include, but are not limited to cookies, beer, punch and random duck pr0n. Though not obligated to provide such aid, the parties are highly encouraged to do so.


Article V:

Optional Defense

If either signatory comes under attack they may request assistance from the other. While neither party has an obligation to fulfill this request they are strongly encouraged to consider doing so. The signatories shall notify one another 24 hours in advance of any aggressive action they may take against another alliance. Standard for RDD, the notorious Flying V formation will be enacted in such situations.


Rubber Ducky's Flying V ready for action!

Article VI:


Either signatory may terminate this pact at any time. The withdrawing alliance must notify the government of the countersigned, through the appropriate private channels seventy-two (72) hours prior to the desired time of termination. The exception to the 72 hour window will occur if either party breaches an article of this document. In that instance the signatures on the treaty will be considered void, unless previously agreed upon by both alliances. If an attack is made on either party during seventy-two (72) hour grace period this treaty will remain in effect seventy-two (72) hours after the conclusion of said conflict.


Onward until the end!

Signed for Rubber Ducky Division:

Augusta Antonia - Triumvirate

Tongo - Triumvirate

Woopsi - Triumvirate

Aboooe - Minister of Foreign Affairs

Signed for North Atlantic Defense Coalition:

TankKiller - Secretary General

Emperor of Babanga - Internal Affairs Minister

Lord Damien - Foreign Affairs Minister

Da Supe Military - Operations Commander

Bosox Nation - Financial Affairs Minister

Legend - Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister

Veniciana - Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister


Edited by Augusta Antonia
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I was mobbed by about 45 ducks today whilst in a park. They were standing on my feet and gently pecking my hand - unbelievably adorable!

I can only take this as a good omen for the future of this new relationship between RDD and NADC ^_^

I'm a bit too excited about this, but then you guys are amazing :D

Thank you aboooe for introducing us, and thank you RDD (especially Augusta) for being :wub: able

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I gotta say, you really missed out on the heyday of NADC hatin' in the beginning of the '09.

I don't mean to seem like I'm trolling or anything, so please don't take this as that.

But, being once on the inside and now on the outside, its given me an interesting perspective on the NADC.

You guys are great people, no doubt about it, but the fact that the NADC has never really done anything of significance matters more to most folks.

So much potential once long ago, but never realized.. even when sanctioned it wasn't much more than a nation building program combined with waiting while other people beat each other up and than standing there.

There's the guys who look for fights, than the guys who fight some sort of cause, than there's the NADC; with the reputation of just standing there and trying to look cool. ;)

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you keep judging us on what happened YEARS ago. we have stood by our allies and not wavered from our responsibilities to our friends for a long time. We have been trustworthy and a valued ally to our friends. Maybe you trollers should consider being our friends too? so many alliances cant be wrong. oh wait... some of you are in alliances who ARE our friends lol

by judging us on our actions in a time so long ago, its like judging mark wahlberg on his actions during his marky mark days, instead of judging him on his current career. We have changed, get over our past.

your just jealous that we look better in bike pants than you (because of our big kahunas)

now on topic.

Congrats to our friends in RDD. we look forward to some fun times with out new bathtime friends.

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To the people posting the not so well wishes concerning this treaty I must say this: I respect your opinions, but dutifully exercise my right to disregard them. I have found the people I have come to know in NADC to be friendly and open. Good people. To me that is what strong lasting treaties and friendships are are built upon.


Happy Halloween everyone!!!

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