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  1. Actually Brehon states it several times that he was worried you would get fooled, and that someone from leadership should have been involved in the talks as well. Linking the two is not hard at all. If you needed coverage down low, TOP is declared on AI, so AI could have covered TOP's lower and mid tier without any trouble.
  2. bcortell why the sarcasm? Brehon points out several times that he is worried that TOP will trick you guys, and that he needs to make sure that that doesn't happen. In effect he wants to control your decisions when it comes to peace talks. So while not complete control, clearly some measure of control over your alliance's decisions. The claim by some fighting against TOP that they are fine and dandy, is also false as it is clear you don't need more nations to cover TOP but rather are hurting and want to let NPO take some of that damage for you. I was curious why AI was not called in to take on more TOP nations since they were already at war with TOP, are their hands full? (This is a serious question, not me making a propaganda point.) That said I don't think this will change much of the outcome. NPO has nothing up top to change the outcome of this part of the war, and I am pretty sure that when the 80k is taken over the push to 75k and below will begin, taking it to 60k or 70k where the stalemate will end.
  3. The damage is increasing between the two by the looks of it. Not 3 to 1 but I don't think it needs to get to that point.
  4. Rota, just to try and make sense of the numbers you put out there can you please clarify if the following is correct. Diseq has lost -35,882,751 in total. Which is their total loss in the first table of -38,079,404, plus 2,196,653 which is the current Doomhouse spinoff. About 38% of their total NS. I figured that is the number as that NS was never truly lost. Is that correct? On a side note, I count at least 500k in NS also out there in one nation alliances that are ex TOP, MK, and Umbrella nations, and it may be as high as 1mil NS out there. So it probably is around -35mil total damage, which is still around 37.6% of their total NS. Could be more but I don't have the means to check it.
  5. Any news on when we will see the next set of stats? I'm curious to see what it will look like. I am off the opinion that at least 80k is the line, and it may go as low as 60k. I only need to look at the alliances like AI and the ones GATO and NG hit to see what the trend is once the over 100k is claimed. Mind you that depends on how long the war is going.
  6. This is a lie. Many of of the alliances fighting the CnG side have a huge percentage of their top tier in peace mode. CnG is winning up top. Take a look at Legion that has 4 out of their 9 nations over 80k in peace mode. Invicta who GATO hit before that has 5 out of 6 nations over 60k in peace mode. Only 3 out of 12 nations over 40k are out of peace mode. The Templar Knights has 4 out of 7 nations over 60k in peace mode. NADC 6 out of 11 in peace mode. GOD only has 1 of the 6 nations above 60k that is in war mode.
  7. I think that advantage of numbers disappears when those in the 90-100k are tearing through the 80k nations, and those in the 80k are fighting the 70k nations, and so on. As those in the 90-100k drop down from fighting those in the 80k they will hit the 70k as well, and as those in the 80k drop down they will hit the 60k, and that is when the alliances on the DH and C&G side will start getting out of peace mode in those ranges. Attacking at the bottom of your range is a huge advantage. Factor in that the lower in NS you fight the more inactivity you have, and that advantage will shrink even more. I believe you will see things stop around the 50k due to this kind of fighting, and around there for nations that got there on the DH side their warchests can allow them to fight for months. eQ has lost, but it will take about 2 months before it is clear to everyone. And you are right about the fracture on the eQ side. Couple that with low moral after losing a war, everyone will be blaming everyone, and DH can probably get a chance to curb stomp polarsphere without anyone lifting a finger to help them after that. I am also sure you will see some alliances join the DH/C&G side due to anger with the eQ side.
  8. Thanks for this. Auctor is right, that it will be lower than 80k. I think the line is down in the 50-60k. Worse still is the after this war moral on the eQ side will be low, and treaties will be cancelled. It will be a messy time for them, while I believe the DH/C&G/co. side will be form tighter bonds having fought off the horde together and pulled through against the odds (something similar to GW2). I think forcing NG to join C&G's side was the end, where before eQ had a chance of keeping it , it completely lost it after that move. If HB joins in to back GATO against RnR and DBD, than the C&G front will close up in a couple of months tops, otherwise it may be an extra month. And while the DH front may last longer, most of DH will be helping out the TOP front before then, making it more a 1 on 1 or so in about a month from now. Not sure if reps are in play but my guess is that besides AI, those on the TOP front would get the worse reps if they were in play. IRON and NPO have allies or near allies (while I know TOP may be hurt by IRON's cancellation, I think they still like IRON if not their leader) and may get off lightly unless Umbrella and MK can sweet talk their allies in pushing harder.
  9. I hear this talk about how the mid tier will be dominated by eQ by the end of this war, but there seems to be some serious problems with that logic. First, one only needs to look at the alliances GATO has finished with, and AI. AI has lost most nations all the way down to 60k. GATO is doing the same thing one alliance at a time. It will not only be the 100k+ NS range that DH and co. will dominate, it is anything over 80k. And if they keep their nations in the 60k to 70k in peace mode until more of those higher end nations on their side drop to help them out, they can probably dominate the 50-60k. Sure eQ will have a huge number of nations below 50k, but that is hardly something to brag about, and they certain can no longer claim dominance of the mid tier, just the lower end of the mid tier. Barring any major alliances joining in, and joining in soon, the writing is on the wall from what I see eQ will not only be forced to give white peace, but those that bow out late will suffer more damage than the rest as they will find themselves outnumbered in the tiers they thought they dominated in. The gambit has failed. And if you think numbers is all you need to win, just remember what FAN showed Legion back in the day. I'm afraid I'm seeing a lot of similarities from those days as I am in eQ, especially with the attack on TLR that brought in NG.
  10. Not to be overly harsh with GATO, but you should really not be bragging much. You had 3 or 4 wars yesterdays declared between your top 20 nations. Death Before Dishonor has attacked you and they still have 7 nations above 60k you can get at, while your nations sit out of peace mode doing nothing. That means 21 slots you can fill up there.
  11. The most insightful thing said in this thread so far.
  12. I hope no one else attacks BAPS and Olympus and they single handedly destroy Sparta's top tier. You picked the wrong two small alliances to declare on. BAPS and Olympus are beasts.
  13. [quote name='Dajobo' timestamp='1322617725' post='2856246'] Pez maybe you should read the bit about how much I regret the pain it causes for allies. The fact is you aren't even close to the only one suggesting it, and no it actually wasn't directed at you at all. [/quote] But. your. glad. he. did. it. Funny how you care so much about your allies, but your lust for revenge on little old us was so great your glad Grub did what he did, even though it meant screwing them over. Even our revenge for you was not that strong. We took flake from some of our allies, had to work with them to find what was acceptable to them, and didn't put our revenge over them, sacrificing them for your downfall. I also find it hilarious that you sacrificed your friends (losing them to your actions) on the alter of revenge at the alliance that made you sacrifice your friends for peace.
  14. [quote name='KagetheSecond' timestamp='1322507073' post='2854991'] CLEARLY THEY'RE NEVER COMING IN EVER!!one1! Seriously guys, have some patience. RIA is so committed to treaties, it borders on insanity. They'll defend Polar. [/quote] This. I don't know why people are jumping on them. Give 'em time to prepare, like any smart alliance would.
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