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Quite the Journey


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The current FUCN's last message on the OWF is as follows:

Well FUCN has gone over many hills and stumbled many times learning many lessons. We started in a jumble and we have made our way all the way back here. There were seven original members in this glorious alliance and today two of them still stand. We had our reasons for starting this alliance and we will always stand in our beliefs wherever we may go, whatever this Planet of Bob may bring us. We have had our highs such as when we once had 58 members and plenty of AS to go with that and we have had many lows to go with that platter too. We have decided that this has been the deepest we have gone and for now there is no getting out of it.

When we began there was one alliance that offered her protection. There was one alliance to call a "friend. This alliance has helped us through this 1 year, 52 day journey. Through all our ups and downs and their owns we just became closer and stronger together. We built a friendship that will last forever. That alliance is the League of Small Superpowers.

We have made many friends in our existence and we plan to keep those friends until the Armageddon of Planet Bob. We respect all of you.

We have had the most colorful members to hold in our wings and I could not be more proud of any of them. Whether they decided to go their own way in Bob or stay with us until the end, I couldn't have asked for better guys to share my AA with.

So, FUCN has decided to merge into the great alliance of LoSS in short.

The odes:

I will keep the *very* short and sweet.

o/ LoSS


o/ KoTC

o/ IAA

o/ BC (keep it up Asriel!)

o/ all of our past allies who have moved on to their new places in Bob

o/ everyone else who had anything to do with FUCN

o/ all the individuals who had anything to do with us

I will give 3 individuals special odes here:

o/ Straightupnobull

o/ Ajna Sahasarara

o/ NecromancerJ (wherever you may roam today)

We still own the AA "Federation of Unified Confederate Nations" (without the quotes), so do not try to steal it.

LoSS agrees to protect all the nations on the AA "Federation of Unified Confederate Nations" for the rest of the month of October.

This is not the last time you will hear from us for FUCN is not dead forever.


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FUCN, the times were always fantastic. It's sad it has to end now, but I take some solace in the fact we will be able to be even closer now. I am excited to see what FUCN brings to LoSS from the inside.

Also, I think we can all agree that nobody will ever have any FUCN puns that compare to yours.


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You guys was some the greatest FUCN allies out there, and one of the greatest alliances to have ever meet, it breaks my heart to see you guys go. But is good to at least see you guys merging into our good friends LoSS, at least we'll still be allies. I look forward to keep in touch with you guys.

Now a hail to one of the most FUCN awesome alliances ever!


FUCN might be gone, but me and LOUD will have your back any day.

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Another insignificant micro passes on and is absorbed by a larger alliance... not surprising

May your time in LoSS serve you better

Small they may have been but insignificant they we're not, you'd most likely think that as well if you'd had the honor to know them or aligned yourself with such a honorable alliance.

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